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SageMC Custom Interface This forum is for discussing the user-created SageMC custom interface for SageTV.

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Old 03-25-2009, 11:36 AM
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Why default UI works fine but SageMC occasionally hangs?

hello there -

i'm having some strange behavior and was hoping to get some help troubleshooting the problem. i'm running sagetv version and java version 1.6.0_12. it's running on a windows xp machine but most of my viewing is through a set of hd100 extender clients.

here's the issue:

if i run sagetv using the default ui, things seem to work pretty much just fine (aside from an occasional hiccup during ff/rew). but i really prefer the sagemc ui (especially its customizability) and so recently installed it. i created a backup of my .wiz and files before doing so.

everything seemed to be working just fine at first. but then i started noticing that every now and then (about once per day), when i'd wake the hd100 extender from standby, it would just hang at the "SageTV extender is starting" screen and would never get to the main home screen. (looking at the front of the extender, there's a little green light that usually flickers very rapidly as the extender is connecting to the server or when content is being streamed to the extender from the server. during times when the extender doesn't start up properly, that little green light blinks about once (or twice) per second...but never as rapidly as when it connects properly.)

when this happens, if i go to the pc running the sagetv server, i frequently notice the rotating circle with an arrow moving slowly around and around. if i close down sagetv (which sometimes takes several seconds) and restart it, everything seems to work fine again. until the next time the same thing happens, of course.

this mainly happens when first starting the extender, though sometimes it also happens while watching programming just kind of locks up.

frustrated by this, i switched back to the default ui. the problem seems to have gone away and i've had about 8 days of uptime without having to restart it.

but i'd really like to have the sagemc version and so am trying to find if there's something i can/should do differently to make it work.

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