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Old 05-22-2010, 11:18 AM
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ATSC Channel Wierdness

I just updated to the V7 beta and am really impressed with the new user interaction... so much so that I'm finally trying to solve a problem I've had for awhile (since some of the ATSC channels moved around).

The problem at a high level is channels 7 (WSVN) and 10 (WPLG) do not show up. As they are VHF channels, I just assumed it was an antenna issue but I have been recently been working with another ATSC system and it receives the channels just fine.

I am using a SiliconDust HDHR to receive ATSC, along with an HDHR for cable channels. So I started up TSReader to see what it could find and lo and behold the signals were strong and relatively error free. But Sage still couldn't pull them in.

In digging through the PSIP, I noticed something strange on the two channels - they were showing up with Channels 3 and 4 in the TVCT/PAT/PMT. Cut/Past from TS Read below.

I tried using Sage to remap the channels to 7-3 and 7-4 but that also didn't work. Interestingly the TVCT shows Channel 3 to be 7.1. So it is possible the PSIP parsing code is getting confused as a result of what looks like a strange configuration (btw, I wrote DVB-SI and ATSC-PSIP parsers about 10 years ago... and am have a strong background in DTV.)

Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Channel 3
Service Name: WSVN-D1
TSID: 633 (0x0279) NTSC: 07 ATSC: 08 FL MIAMI
Channel Number: 7.1
Carrier Frequency: 0
Modulation Mode: ATSC (8 VSB)
Source ID: 1
Descriptor: ATSC Service Location Descriptor
Service Location Descriptor:
PCR PID 0x0031
Stream Type 0x02 (MPEG-2 Video) ESPID = 0x0031 Language =

PAT Version Number: 4
Transport Stream ID: 633 (0x0279)

PMT PID 48 (0x0030) - Program 3 WSVN-D1
PMT PID 64 (0x0040) - Program 4 WSVN-D2

Program Number: 3
PCR on PID 49 (0x0031)
PMT Version: 0
Service name: WSVN-D1

Stream Type: 0x02 MPEG-2 Video
Elementary Stream PID 49 (0x0031)

Stream Type: 0x81 AC-3 Audio
Elementary Stream PID 52 (0x0034)

Descriptor: Registration Descriptor
Format identifier: 0x47413934 (GA94)

Descriptor: Smoothing Buffer Descriptor
SB Leak Rate: 45000 SB Size: 512

Descriptor: ATSC Component Name Descriptor
Component Name: WSVN-HD

Descriptor: ATSC Redistribution Control Descriptor
ff .
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