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Old 02-28-2013, 06:17 AM
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Plugin: DVB (C/T/S) Decrypter & Card Client

A couple of years ago I purchased a valid subscription card to watch encrypted channels and never being able to use it with lots of frustration from my family in particular from my son whom loves sport events which are normally encrypted.

I've been trying for quite some time to make the MDAPI + ACAMD + OSCAM combination to work with SageTV and in particular in service mode without success and sadly gave up, not to mention that with so many software in the chain it is very difficult to keep things working reliably.

I know there are third party solutions out there that works very well on SageTV, but they are mainly network encoders that might appeal to someone, but the configuration and maintenance required can be a little bit daunting and most importantly they will re-introduce "the pause" that, for people watching lots of live TV, can be irritating and I'm the one that upgraded to v7 just because "the pause" was removed.

There are also tuners with an on-board CAM that are working really well, but unless you buy a WiFi CAM to share a single card you're obliged to have a valid subscription for each tuner and that can be really expensive indeed.

After taking all these consideration on board, I decided to take the plunge and start designing a custom DirectShow filter with the purpose of being inserted in the SageTV video capture graph allowing decryption of the incoming transport stream packets. This is not a new concept as it mainly does what the MDAPI filter does, however this new filter, being dedicated to SageTV, does work in service mode and will take a further step by implementing a single card protocol (newcam is the most popular) client, which means that ACAMD is not required anymore as well.

Being a card client it obviously need a reliable card server and I thought of OSCAM as one of the most used out there, yet not the easiest to configure, but when it works it does the job. OSCAM will be the only card server supported and must run locally on the same machine as your SageTV server.

Come on, go native...
  • Simplicity - Being a SageTV dedicated solution it is simple and efficient, the configuration required is down to the bare minimum.
  • Tuning speed - Decryption is done at transport stream level within SageTV, resulting in incredibly fast tuning speed.
  • No "pause" - The pause between shows whilst watching live TV is simply not existent.
  • No tuner limit - The real limit to the concurrent number of supported tuner depends on your CPU and smardcard reader's speed.
  • Support - Despite SageTV development has reached its end, this plugin will be fully supported and any issues hopefully fixed in a very short time.

  • Make sure your system have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) installed on your system or get the free installer HERE.
  • Make sure you're running SageTV as Administrator or a user with administrator privileges.
  • Make sure that SageTV.exe and SageTVService.exe are both in the firewall exception list.


This is now a standard SageTV v7 plugin, please found the plugin in the general section under the name "DVB Decrypter". The installation is completely automatic and is made of three components, but installing the main plugin (1) the other components will be installed as well:

1) DVB Decrypter: The installation, configuration and channel selector mechanism plugin.
2) DVB Decrypter Smartcard Client Filter: The DirectShow filter which is the engine that will descramble your channels.
3) DVB Decrypter Smartcard Server: The smartcard server OSCAM distribution.
  • Stop the SageTV server and copy your backed up "oscam.server" file or create a new one by following the "Configuration" steps below.
  • Start your SageTV server.
  • Follow the "Running" steps below.
Please report any problem and feedback HERE.


The only file you need to change is the "oscam.server" which contains all the card readers you want to use. I've tried to keep the structure very simple including only what is strictly necessary. This is the standard template, the field in bold are mandatory for validation, the one in italics are highly recommended:
label = <your TV provider name>
protocol = <your card reader protocol>
device = <your device (IP/hostname/serial port)>, <port>
group = 1
caid = <your card CAID>
audisabled = 0 (Set 1 for BSkyB or 0 otherwise)
EMMcache = 1,3,2
blockemm-u = 0 (Set 1 for BSkyB or 0 otherwise) 
blockemm-s = 0 
blockemm-g = 0 (Set 1 for BSkyB or 0 otherwise) 
blockemm-unknown = 1
Every card definition starts with the "[reader]" tag. Set the "label" property with the TV package name, the "device" property, if serial, must point to the right Windows serial interface (COM1 is ttyS0, COM2 is ttyS1, and so on) if you are using a payed card sharing service the provider IP/hostname address and port number, the "group" property must be a unique number ranging 1..64, typically 1 if you have one card only and finally the "caid" must contain the CAID your card support (you can find this information in the OSCAM log). If you make mistakes the filter will reject the configuration and the card will not be used (look at the filter's log).
The example above is based on a typical serial/usb (mouse protocol) card reader, but if you have a different one, then please have a look at the official "oscam.server" manual HERE for your reference, however the minimum properties that must be present are the one in the example above.

In addition, if you have an OSCAM server running already (maybe on a raspberry Pi for instance), it is possible to configure the OSCAM server installed with the plugin to connect to the remote OSCAM server by following the simple instruction posted HERE .


When SageTV is running, just run the OSCAM server in background with the arguments "-r2 -b". If everything is fine your server will read the card entitlements and the filter will connect to the OSCAM server automatically. OSCAM server features a web server that can be accessed via port 3001 whereby you can see all your cards, users and real-time logs. When you perform a recording/playback, the log will display only the entitlements the filter will be able to decrypt with the card/s you've got.


This software requires purchasing a licence which is tight to your SageTV server MAC address, therefore during the purchasing process, please specify the list of all MAC addresses your SageTV server have. Once the purchase is made, users will receive an email with a file in attachment called DVBDCC.lic which simply need to be downloaded into the SageTV installation directory and restart the SageTV application/service afterwards.

Please make the very small donation to obtain the license and sustain the project


Before reporting any issue, please make sure that you have the SageTV logging enabled and your fault can be easily reproducible with a known number of steps. Please collect all your DVBDCC-Tuner-xx.log, the sagetv_0.log and tuner's .FRQ files at the time of the fault, pack everything as a single zip file and send to:

edoardo [dot] rossi [dot] home [at] gmail [dot] com

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