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SageTV Clients Development This forum is for discussions relating to SageTV Open Source Clients Development.

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Old 03-05-2021, 10:35 AM
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Originally Posted by gexi View Post
First let me say I think you've been doing awesome with the updates but I did end up having to rollback this time to 1.7.0 on my FireTV devices.

I tried completely rebuilding my SageTV install with 9.2.2 from the ground up, installed the updated SageTVTranscoder FFmpeg plugin, the Media Format Parser Plugin, as well as the new sage.jar that goes with them. I tried switching all the settings in exoplayer and ijk but nothing would let it play files that were working with the previous release.

Jumping back to the sideloaded 1.7.0 version and switching to ijk resolved all the issues and all media files are playable again. It appears that something in the 1.7.1 version has broken some file formats as well as in file seek in ijk on Amazon FireTV and FireTV Stick.
Could you tell me if the files that it is not supporting properly happen to be AVI container.

Projects I am currently maintaining
SageTV Andoid Client
Media Format Parser Plugin

If you like the work I am doing and would like to support it you can become a Patreon member.
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Old 03-05-2021, 04:01 PM
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Originally Posted by jvl711 View Post
Could you tell me if the files that it is not supporting properly happen to be AVI container.

The ijk seek issue is occurring with a mp4 file
quicktime[h.264 16:9 1080p@30fps aac/256kbps@44.1khz] mp4 file
file starts with 0:00 time remaining and any attempt to fast forward results in starting over in 1.7.1.
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Old Yesterday, 02:10 PM
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using 1.7.1 I'm getting pretty predictable crashes on the Google w/Chromecast stick when shuttling forward. Oddly, I get fewer on the Amazon Fire Stick 4k.

Is there a place I can send logs with the crashes?
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