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SageTV Clients Development This forum is for discussions relating to SageTV Open Source Clients Development.

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Old 06-20-2020, 06:26 AM
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SageTV MiniClient for Android TV (jvl711)

This has morphed from me sharing a fork of the SageTV MiniClient to maintaining and posting releases of Stuckless' original work. I will post APK releases to the GitHub repository. I will also post releases to the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store.

Release Notes

1.10.0 (1/6/2021)
- Upgraded to ExoPlayer 2.16.1
- Made modifications required to support ExoPlayer 2.16.1
- Upgraded to ExoPlayer 2.16.1 version of ExoPlayer FFmpeg extension
- Added new preference screens to allow users to change Container/Codec support
- Completely rearchitected how supported containers/codecs are sent to SageTV
- Started adding support for automated Jenkins build and release

1.9.3 (11/2/2021)
- Updated to 2.15.1 of ExoPlayer and FFmpeg extension
- Cleaned up a number of deprecated calls in ExoPlayer implementation
- Added VP8, VP9, H.263 as valid video codecs
- Removed MPEG4 as a valid codec, because Android TV support is very limited. All non H.264/AVC content will be transcoded

1.9.1 (09/10/2021)
- Fixed issue in PushBufferDataSource that was causing transcoding and live tv transitions to freeze
- Updated build to use local libs directory instead of MavenLocal. Simplify build process for support libraries
- Fixed logic bugs on how to tell SageTV when to transcode/remux
- Moved project to Androidx
- Update GDX library version to 1.9.14
- Update ExoPlayer to 2.14.2
- Multiple build.gradle files cleaned up
- Fixed error generating client ID

1.8.1 (6/18/2021)
- Updated to ExoPlayer 2.14.0
- Updated FFmpeg extension to 2.14.0
- Some minor bug fixes

1.8.0 (5/14/2021) - Brought to you by user cncb
- Support external links to open videos in other apps directly (Netflix/Amazon).
- Allow display of embedded PGS subtitles in ExoPlayer.
- Add option to enable system sleep.

1.7.1 (2/11/2021)
- Redesigned some of the settings screens. Broke out the settings for ExoPlayer and IJKPlayer
- Upgrade to ExoPlayer 2.12.3
- Added additional codecs to the ExoPlayer Codec Debug Screen (DIVX, AC4, OPUS, etc...)
- Removed AVI as a supported container format for ExoPlayer. This should go thru the transcoder

1.7.0 (11/12/2020)
- Playing back active recording TV seeking issue with ExoPlayer: Issue #96
- Frame Advance & Slow Motion Advance enhancement: Issue #91
- Upgrade to ExoPlayer 2.12.1 enhancement: Issue #95
- Full-Screen On Screen Navigation enhancement: Issue #42
- Issue with keyboard and favorites on the FireTV: Issue #92
- Error connecting to server when using fixed Transcoding/Streaming: Issue #97

1.6.3 (2020-10-10)

- Rearchitected how playback position was retrieved. Switched to a UI thread that updates every 500ms.
- Fixed an issue with seeking after resume from pause. The state was not getting properly updated
- Allowing proper seek when playback is paused. Allow the position to get reported to sage server on pause
- Added the blue icons that I made for FireTV to Android project

1.6.2 (2020-9-11)

- Fixed an issue with Android 11 where images were not rendering
- Upgraded ExoPlayer to 2.11.8
- Fixed the volume up/down keys. You need to map them to NONE for them to work properly
- Volume up/down mapped to NONE by default
- Added fixed transcoding settings to allow for HD transcoding from the server to MKV container
- Added the ability for Exoplayer to filter the Video codecs that are not supported. This will allow SageTV to transcode on unsupported formats
NOTE: The fixed transcoding changes need a patched version of Sage.jar to work properly. Hopefully those changes will make it into the next release of SageTV

1.5.2 (2020-7-09)

- Attempted to add a workaround for the FireTV where you can not close the system keyboard. Next/Previous buttons should now close it.

1.5.1 (2020-6-30)

- Update ExoPlayer FFmpeg extension to 2.11.5
- Added a setting for ffmpeg exoplayer extension, to turn it on, off or prefer
- Updated some deprecated code in the constructing on the SimpleExoPlayer instance

1.5.0 (2020-6-26)

- Moving to new Play Store app
- Updated to exoplayer 2.11.5
- Added HEVC codec to list of codecs sent to sage durring connection
- Attempted to clean up the current playback time, and the seek
- Turn off rendering cues if by default
- Add error message toast on ExoPlayer2 Error
- Fixed issues with seeking when using exoplayer and push mediasource
- Added some basic support for subtitles in ExoPlayer
- Fixed a bug where it would not seek to the SageTV supplied start position**Forked the code base from version 1.4.4 (jvl711)**

Download links:

Amazon App Store
Google Playstore

If you would like to support my work you can become a supporter here Patreon

Last edited by jvl711; 01-24-2022 at 04:23 PM.
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