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Old 03-18-2012, 03:17 AM
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Lightbulb Plugin: Squeezeslave v2 available


Full Mutual Exclusion

This approach also improves user experience as no precious memory is taking away from SageTV as it was in Squeezeslave version 1.0.x, therefore the extender can now operate faster and in two distinctive modes: SageTV and Squeezeslave. How?, After enabling the extender in the Squeezeslave plugin configuration page:
  • Press the power button to go into STAND BY and after 30 seconds your extender will be a Squeezeslave player.
  • Press the POWER/HOME button again and your extender will be running SageTV as before.
Please note that the Squeezeslave software is uploaded, when required, on the extender and is running from a RAMDisk, therefore absolutely nothing is changed/modified/flashed on your extender.

Separate Volume Control

The volume level in SageTV mode and in Squeezeslave player mode are separate and controlled by their respective SageTV/Logitech Media server interfaces and applies to Analogue, S/P-DIF, and HDMI (STX-HD100 excluded) output and doesn't require any change to your current SageTV audio setting. The separate volume control is particularly important as you might want to listen music at a different volume level than watching TV and maybe using different audio processing.

Pure Digital Audio Output

The volume level is controlled by using the extender's high quality DAC instead of the default software interpolation method which inevitably alters the original sound wave, therefore the pure digital audio output method guarantees a clean pure digital output sound where nothing is added and nothing is taken away.

Remote Control

The Squeezeserver software (now ‘Logitech Media Server’) requires a UI to browse through artists and albums, select playlists and so on. Many people do this through the web interface, or through a third party app like iPeng for iPhone/iPad. However, once you have selected which tracks to play, it can be a bit inconvenient to turn on your iPhone/go to your PC just to skip a track or change the volume. Squeezeslave solves these problems! From now on, once you have cued up a playlist, you can use your SageTV remote control to play/pause/skip/scan all of your tracks. As the attached image shows, you can now use different remotes to do pretty much everything you could do with an original squeezebox remote. Just select the album/playlist and you’re ready to go!

A second new feature is ‘playlist select’. If you create up to 9 playlists and name them 1-9, then you can use the number buttons on the remote to load and play that playlist on squeezeslave. So, you could create playlists based on genres, favourite artists, or radio stations, or for different family members, and cue them up in Squeezeslave at the touch of a button. What’s more, pressing the 0 button loads your entire library as a playlist (handy when used in combination with the shuffle button).


The Squeezeslave player is able to send the WOL packet from any supported extender to the network interface where your SageTV server is attached on. The "Magic Packet" is send automatically every time the Squeezeslave player is entering into SageTV mode by means of the "Power/Home" button or manually by pressing the "Sleep" button which is particularly useful in case you want to wake up your LMS server and keep staying in Squeezeslave mode (Not available in TRIAL mode).

Unlimited Free Trial

You have the chance of trying everything about the Squeezeslave player including the remote control functionality on any of your extenders for as long as you like. The only real difference between trial and licensed mode is the maximum number of seconds (60) you can listen to any song before the playback stops automatically.

The trial mode is an opportunity to existing single license users to experiment with multiple room synchronization and to new potential users to have a better understanding and appreciation of the system and how can dramatically improve your music listening experience by using your current investments.

After installing the new release, you will see all your available extenders listed in the plugin configuration page whereby any unlicensed extender will clearly have the "TRIAL MODE" added to the name.

Regarding synchronization please be aware that, unless rare circumstances, PC based Squeeze players like SoftSqueeze & SqueezePlay will not sync properly when used in conjunction with any original Squeezebox player and the Squeezeslave player, conversely the Squeezeslave player will seemingly integrate with any existing original Squeezebox player in your network. This is apparently a well known and documented issue which is due to the lack of PC based sound cards to generate consistent and accurate time stamp which is required by the Logitech Media Server to keep all the players in perfect sync.


This software is now completely free, but the license file is still necessary in order to enable the full capabilities of the player. The license is tight to the extender's MAC address, also any extender that uses a wireless interface will have two MAC addresses (Wired & Wireless), therefore you must provide the MAC address of the interface you are currently using with SageTV V7 server.

Please send me the list of all the extenders you want the license for at the following email address and I'll reply to you shortly with the license file:

edoardo [dot] rossi [dot] home [at] gmail [dot] com

However, If you will find the player enjoyable and useful and still want to contribute, then please think about becoming a donator.

Please note that 100% of the donation will be donated to the SCWAD (Swindon Children Without A Diagnosis or with rare disorders) charity.


Before proceeding to the installation you must be sure you have the necessary prerequisite this software has been certified for:
  • OS: All 32/64bit version of Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1, Linux, MacOS
  • Squeeze Center (Logitech Media Server): v7.4+
  • SageTV: v7.1.9+
  • MediaMVP: mvp.bin (2008-04-29) (latest official)
  • STX-HD100: 20100212-0 (latest official)
  • STP-HD200: 20100909-0 (latest official)
  • STP-HD300: 20110506-0 (latest beta, plus older version as well, please see post #6)


In case your extender has to meet the above prerequisite and therefore needs the firmware to be upgraded AND you have already installed the Squeezeslave plugin, then please make sure you're following this procedure:
  1. Disable the Squezeslave plugin
  2. Perform a hard power cycle of the extender
  3. Upgrade the firmware in stand alone mode as specified by SageTV
  4. Enable the Squeezeslave plugin
The above procedure will guarantee a successful firmware upgrade.


This is a SageTV V7 plugin so the installation is just the same as every other plugin, however please follow these simple steps for a successful experience:
  • Switch the extender/s OFF.
  • Find and install the "Squeezeslave" plugin from "General" tab.
  • You will be prompted to restart SageTV server, select "Restart, Later".
  • Copy the "license.txt" file into "<SageTV Installation directory>/plugins/squeezeslaveplayer/" (Not necessary in trial mode)
  • Restart the SageTV server.
  • Switch the extender/s ON.
  • Wait until all the extender/s are up and running with the SageTV UI.
  • Go to the Squeezeslave plugin configuration page.
  • You should see a list of all the extender/s you have the license for. (Displays TRIAL MODE when not licensed)
  • Individually enable the extender you wish to load the Squeezeslave player into. In case you are enabling the player for a MediaMVP you might need to configure the FTP server port, so please look at the "TROUBLESHOOTING" section as well.
  • That's it! Just soft power off the extender/s, wait about 30 seconds and you now have a fleet of Squeezeslave players joining your existing squeeze network.
Also, there could be some extra steps you have to do depending upon the OS you're currently running SageTV on:


This plugin now requires an FTP and a NFS server running on your SageTV server machine. Both servers are included in Squeezeslave v2 and will be running automatically as appropriate. The servers executable are located in:
<SageTV installation dir>/plugins/squeezeslaveplayer/


Both these operating system have usually an FTP & NFS server installed already, so please follow the instruction below:
  • FTP
Add a new user with the following credentials:
Username: squeezeslaveplayer
Password: squeezeslaveplayer
Home: <SageTV Installation directory>/plugins/squeezeslaveplayer/
Rights: Read Only
  • NFS
  1. Add "/opt/sagetv/server/plugins/squeezeslaveplayer * ro,sync,no_subtree_check)" in "/etc/exports"
  2. Restart the NFS server.
  1. Add "/SageTV-install-dir/plugins/squeezeslaveplayer -ro -mapall=nobody" in "/etc/exports"
  2. Restart the NFS server.


In case you are experiencing any issue, please make sure you have done the following first:
  • If your Windows Firewall is turned ON you need to manually add the "FreeFTP.exe" and "FreeNFS.exe" servers to the Home/Work(Private) network Firewall setting and giving them full unconditional access.
  • The MediaMVP requires an FTP server running, the default port number (49152) is the first port available after IANA reserved list, however there is the possibility that other services might use that port as well, so please try another port as the valid port range is clearly stated in the plugin configuration page.
  • Make sure that the 'Logitech Media Server' Web server's "Password protection" is set to "No password protection" and the "Block Incoming Connections" is set to "Do not block", because a bug in the LMS prevents to switch playlist via remote control otherwise. The two settings are in "Settings > Advanced Tab > Security drop down list".
Every modification done on the Windows Firewall settings or in the FTP port number must be followed by disabling the plugin and re-enabling the plugin procedure. Restarting the SageTV server is not required, but has the same effect.

  1. The Squeezeslave player currently support any audio bit-rate, 44.1KHz sample rate, stereo which covers 99.9% of the cases. In the very rare circumstance (typically an Internet radio) a media source has a different sample rate (i.e. 32KHz) then you'll get the so called "Chipmunks" audio output. However, there is a workaround available here developed by one of the plugin user which will fix that for the time being.

Please feel free to post any bug, feedback and feature request here.

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