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SageTV Github Development Discussion related to SageTV Open Source Development. Use this forum for development topics about the Open Source versions of SageTV, hosted on Github.

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Old 04-03-2019, 10:50 AM
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So... where are we?

I have admittedly been away from the forums a bit, and frankly, a lot of the development stuff flies WAAAAAY over my head as too technical for me (I'm not a programmer like most of you). I used to hang here daily in the heady days of heavy plug-in development (and even dabbled in the idea of trying to understand it enough to write my own), but sadly that era has passed...

I upgraded to v9 when it came out (or within a couple of months) and have not really followed the development (or updated anything) since. For the most part, as has been the most part of my 11 years in SageTV, IT JUST WORKS.

However, I occasionally stop by to see what's new. Some things sound very exciting (64-bit build? )... but I find all the latest development is spread over a dozen threads and multiple dozens of pages and I don't know where to look without asking a bunch of questions all over the place. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this boat.

So, can anyone sum up, for people "dropping by", where things are?
1- What Sage release version are we in? Where do we download it? Will there ever be a situation where we'd get notifications in Sage that an update is available?

2- How stable is the 64-bit version (and where do we get it)? What risks are there (what parts are not flawlessly working yet... schedules/HDHR stuff)? What's the status of video codec usage in 64-bit? Does 64-bit cause potential issues or require changes if you've always just used the default SageTV stuff?

3- Does anything with the latest (32-bit) v9, or 64-bit, mess up use of extenders (HD200 or HD300)?

4- What other issues are lingering? Weather? Music player (though hardly anyone uses that anymore)?

5- What else is new?
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Tuners: 4 tuners via (2) HDHomeruns (100% OTA, DIY antennas in the attic).
Clients: Several HD300s, HD200s, even an old HD100, all on wired LAN. Latest firmware for each.
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