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Hardware Support Discussions related to using various hardware setups with SageTV products. Anything relating to capture cards, remotes, infrared receivers/transmitters, system compatibility or other hardware related problems or suggestions should be posted here.

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Old 12-09-2005, 08:07 PM
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I am new to sagetv, possibly in the process of converting from beyondtv since the graphics card fan started going out, decided to start from scratch and give sagetv a try since the new beyondtv 4 seemed to have some issues freezing. However sagetv has been giving me some issues too, lately it has been locking up the 350's tv output, it acts like it's on pause, still displaying the last frame, but no on screen display. The output on my monitor still shows the menu is working, and sagetv is responding, though the tv out doesn't work. I can exit live tv and go back into it and nothing, but if I close sagetv and start up again it works fine. I don't think it has been happening with recorded material. IT has happened a few times now, I removed the soundblaster live card since i heard that caused a lot of problems with other software, such as beyondtv. I also removed the graphics card since i don't need that for tv out if i'm using the 350's output. it was a clean install of win xp sp2 for sagetv, and i have tried removing the 350 using their clean utility and reinstalling all the drivers but same thing. It used to completely lock up my computer and i would have to do a hard reboot, so maybe i'm making progress. I have a soyo via chipset motherboard, specifically a sy-k7vmp2, with a AMD 2400 and 768 mb of memory so i know it's not underpowered. I enabled debugging and got something along these lines

Fri 12/9 19:38:02.540 Got Native Video Dimensions null
Fri 12/9 19:38:02.609 BVF open350OSD0 called
Fri 12/9 19:38:02.615 350OSD NATIVE FAILURE line 386 hr=0x8007001f
Fri 12/9 19:38:02.615 BVF close350OSD0 called
Fri 12/9 19:38:02.716 Got Native Video Dimensions null
Fri 12/9 19:38:02.721 Got Native Video Dimensions null
Fri 12/9 19:38:02.758 Got Native Video Dimensions null
Fri 12/9 19:38:03.037 Got Native Video Dimensions null
Fri 12/9 19:38:03.039 BVF open350OSD0 called
Fri 12/9 19:38:03.045 350OSD NATIVE FAILURE line 386 hr=0x8007001f
Fri 12/9 19:38:03.046 BVF close350OSD0 called

It goes on like that for pages, so it seems like it is aware there is a problem and trying to do something about it. I have a new nvidia motherboard coming because i have heard and seen via motherboard being crap, so figured i'd try it out. anyone have any ideas on what is causing this and how to resolve it possibly? I know there are issues with 350's but someone needs to take some responsibility and work together to resolve these issues if hauggpauge is going to offer anything with a tv, because if it doesn't work it's worthless. Any help is appreciated.


P.S. I attached the log file as a zip since it was over 4mb uncompressed
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