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Gemstone for v7 This forum is for discussing the user-created Gemstone custom interface for SageTV.

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Old 09-07-2012, 02:14 PM
jusjoken jusjoken is online now
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Gemstone 1.0203

Version 1.0203

Note: in the options screen on the Main Menu you will see "Gemstone API: 1.0201 STV: 1.0201"
  • This release contains NO CHANGES. It is being released only to move the download files from Google Code to Bintray
  • There is no need to update to this release except if reinstalling SageTV

Updated/Fixed in 1.0201

Note: in the options screen on the Main Menu you will see "Gemstone API: 1.0201 STV: 1.0201"
  • Includes updated to base STV 2013010701 with Youtube Fixes
  • New/Updated Task Switcher function
  • Menu Manager enhancements
    • Adjustable rows within MM to show more menu items on the screen
    • Ability to assign icons to Menu Items
      • for now this is to support the Task Switcher but will enable icon based Menu Styles in the future
      • another release will include many more built in default icons...coming soon
    • Ability to assign items to the Task Switcher
  • Fix for brackets in folder names in Folder Filters

Updated/Fixed in 1.0194
  • new transparency option for the overlay on the full screen BG Fanart in Flows
  • fix for poster titles
  • misc tweaks for the UI
  • fix for Play in Dual Flow right list bringing up Record Options
  • fix for watched icon in Simplified flow banner
  • fix default popcorn fanart showing in some flows for Genre views
  • misc small fixes

Updated/Fixed in 1.0193
  • new Dual Flow - 2 lists on the screen at the same time
  • enhanced Banner handling within Sage and Dual Flow
  • add ability to adjust the Width of the Sage and Dual Flow lists
  • new option for Banner on focused item only (Sage/Dual)
  • enhancements to the Simplified Flow banner display
  • new approach to display Watched count on banner based flows
  • new highlights and internal changes to ALL highlight, gloss, shadows for fanart
  • * see Theme settings under transparencies to adjust the Gloss and Fanart Shadow
  • redo of MANY of the theme based images to improve memory handling
  • added Delete for Folder and Single flow Items
  • added Maximize Mini Browser setting to InlineFlow
  • added ability to adjust the menu panel widths (Themes/Main Menu Settings)
  • added Filter for "Scrapedby Phoenix" and "Missing Metadata"
  • show fiilename path in footer enhanced to see the Filename better
  • fix to not use large low resolution backgrounds (airing/epg type items)
  • fix for TV fanart items not displaying/garbled for airings/recordings
  • fixed spacing after Row Numbers when the option was used in Lists
  • fix for genre poster in Gemstone Info not displaying correctly
  • fixed default fanart item in Fanart Manager
  • fix for copymode for Gemstone Flow items
  • fix for UserCategories for Favorites
  • fix for import handling Escape Characters (External App paths and Folder Filters)

Note: the STV 1.0191 to 1.0193 were minor STV UI changes only

Updated/Fixed in 1.0182
  • Added Weather Underground provider (removed google)
  • Numerous UI adjustments including Center and Fanart Flows and others
  • added support for mediafilename based folder level fanart
  • updated background manager to handle default themed backgrounds
  • Theme Options - added Font, Size and Style settings for Main Menu
  • Theme Options - added Font, Size and Style settings for Header Title
  • Theme Options - new theme transparency options in Theme Settings options menu
  • added filters - UserCategory, DontLike, Favorites, FirstRun, ReRun and
    Manual Recording Filters
  • Enhanced Import/Export to use Server file system and optionally client
  • Fixed fanart BG in Program Guide
  • Fix for Widgets not displaying correct Title for some airings
  • Fix to support JHM plugin displaying in icon area
  • Fix for folder level fanart using Poster for Background
  • Fix for 1969 date displaying issue
  • Fix for weather provider stuck on Yahoo
  • Fix for weather location name not clearing on change
  • Changes to weather settings option menus
  • Fixed the backgrounds to persist into the menu destination function
  • Moved to using phoenix core functions for Get/Set fanart (common code)
  • Changed FirstLetterGrouper to use phoenix core (no difference to user)
  • Updated vfs - was missing recorded movies in some views
  • Fixed New/Last/Next code to better handle some situations
  • Fix for Left/Back on Main Menu including mouse click
  • Fixed client on server inititialize issue (causing single flow only)
  • Cleanup of STV and update to newest STV
  • Fix for caching setting issue (+ a few related)
  • Fix for floor showing in Cover - should only show in Stage
  • Fix for weather background refresh caused in 1.0174

Updated/Fixed in 1.0174
  • Includes updated base STV 2012100501 with Youtube Fixes

*This update really only adds the Youtube fixes. The updated code for Google Weather is included but not used with Gemstone Weather (custom using Phoenix API). Eventually the updated Google Weather API and other features will be included in a future Gemstone update.

Updated/Fixed in 1.0173

First public beta release

Note: in the options screen on the Main Menu you will see "Gemstone API: 1.017 STVi: 1.0173"
  • Fix to support Playon (hopefully)
  • Fix for widget Lists showing episode vs series as well as Extra Info changes
  • Change to List Flow when Info open (related to transparency changes)
  • Tweak for transparency in Info Screens

Updated/Fixed in 1.017
  • New - ability to switch the highlight color set used in the UI (see Utility menu)
  • Update - display different info for recording/airing than imported TV
  • Update - Info Options for EPG and Widget Details (poster/background/simple etc)
  • Fix - updated Theme with JumpBar graphic
  • Update - fix the extra info line in the Widget Lists so it shows something useful.
  • Update - added Play/Watched listeners for Widget Lists
  • Fix for widget Panel height
  • Fix for background refresh of Widget Lists
  • Fix for First Runs not being filtered properly in Widget Lists
  • Fix for setting Weather provider skipping World and sticking at Yahoo
  • Fix for weather BG refresh when not configured on both Main Menu and Weather screens
  • Fix for deleted Flow issue
  • Fix for Create Default Flows repeated times issue
  • Fix for Inline Flow not handling some episode name results (needs next phoenix core update)
  • Update - cleanup of New/Last/Next logic so they do not always show when not valid/duplicate
  • Fix - Gemstone Info if enabled - shows a better screen now but is not complete yet
  • Fix Image Cache so it has a key including the UIContext to handle multiple clients better
  • Fix - user setting to override the UISize for fanart creation
  • Fix weather so it happens once but refreshes ALL clients attached.
  • Update - added an option to set the min cache items (default is now 10, was 100)
  • Update - Recent Movies updated in vfs xml

Updated/Fixed in 1.016
  • Fixes to support a smaller memory footprint and reduce heap issues
  • Change - first STV based release - see notes for install below
NOTE: with this version we are moving to an STV based release rather than an STVi release... this just means that the approach is slightly different but overall the memory handling and room for placeshifters/extenders seems much better. So follow the install instructions below as they are different.
  • copy the xml into the SageTV folder (same)
  • inside Sage select Setup/Plugins/Installed Plugins and select to update the Gemstone plugin (same)
  • Restart when prompted (same)
  • Different from here for the initial install (future updates will be as above and end here)
  • Note a new menu on the Main Menu called GEMSTONE
  • Select LOAD GEMSTONE UI from this menu
  • Select Yes on the Load prompt
  • Gemstone should start up with the new version loaded.
If you have placeshifters/extenders you will need to do the following on each...
  • Note a new menu on the Main Menu called GEMSTONE
  • Select LOAD GEMSTONE UI from this menu
  • Select Yes on the Load prompt
  • Gemstone should start up with the new version loaded.
After installing the server and all ext/ps I would suggest you restart the server/service just to start out with the least memory heap.

Updated/Fixed in 1.015
  • Feature - you can change the Flow being used at any level within the current Flow. Goto Level Overrides in the Flow Options and select an existing Flow that you previously created for a specific level. Using this you could build a Sage Flow and a Fanart Flow and then in the Sage Flow change Level 2 and higher to use the Fanart Flow... let us know what you think
  • Feature - new Favorites Filter - include/exclude favorites
  • Feature - new Recent Movies Widget
  • Feature - if there are no flows created yet (or all have been deleted) then the Dynamic Flow list on the Main Menu Videos item will display an item to Create All Default Flows
  • Fix - title alignment on some of the flows
  • Fix - Play Menu for TV Folders - Play All and All from Next should now work
  • Fix - Forecast Widget allows the 1st day - Today to be turned off
  • Fix - Weather Screen main current icon should fit better on the screen with options now to adjust the size or turn it off
  • Fix - Wind Direction on Extended Forecast Widget respects the Arrow/text setting for wind
  • Fix - Current Forecast icons now change day/night according to the settings
  • Fix - mouse now works for the slider options (more mouse fixes in future releases)
  • Fix - Play/Pause buttons for media keyboards now works
  • Fix - see Issues list for other fixes


Thanks to all those who have volunteered to test the first private release of Gemstone 1.014 which is the next generation of the original Diamond plugin.

For those testing here are the instructions we sent out to each of you. Please use the new Gemstone forum for all communications and discussions of Gemstone. It is now public so all can follow along and see what they are missing out on and what they hopefully can use soon once we get this tested and sound for public consumption.

Issues should all still go here....

Tester Notes

The dev xml that you need to place in your root SageTV folder that should add 3 main plugin entries (and a few library ones you don't need to worry about).

1. Gemstone for Default SageTV7 (previously Diamond) - this is the Diamond plugin updated to load Gemstone and needs to be installed OR updated depending if you use Diamond previously.

2. Gemstone y Optional Weather Backbrounds - only needed if you want to use the weather backgrounds

3. Diamond Legacy - legacy version of Diamond - same as 3.321 - copy of the existing Diamond plugin in case you want to go back to it.

As we have not written any detailed Wiki entries yet and Gemstone is quite different in many ways than Diamond I will prattle on for a bit and make some notes for you.... other wise just experiment and ask questions by email or in the Gemstone private forum once we get it opened for you...

In no particular order....

Options Menus - most options menus have been replaced with Gemstone specific ones on the right side of the screens that cascade as you go to various levels of options. There are many options so take a look to see what can be enabled, disabled or adjusted in some manner. Notice that you select Option items by pressing the Right Arrow OR Select/Ok buttons. You navigate "back" by pressing the left arrow.

Menu Manager - ADM is built into Gemstone and is called Menu Manager. It is "On" by default showing a SageTV like custom menu and in theory will be based on your previous ADM menus if you had any... but you can load or manage the menus yourself in the Menu Manager. You can also change the custom menu to "Metro Style" for a different look and feel. Turn it "Off" if you just want the default non customizable menus... with minimal settings for hiding/showing items within Menu Manager as well. cjeck out Advanced Options for the new function to set the Menu Settings location and if you use a shared folder location your clients/extenders can all share the same menu. The rest is basically ADM so you can check out that Wiki for more info.

Flows - Gemstone is Flow based with each Flow have the ability to display TV or Movies and each provides a different manner in presenting the media. Flows are created/edited in the Flow Manager in the Options Menu

VFS or Views - the Flows are based off of the phoenix core vfs solution and uses a base set of Gemstone VFS's. Go into the Flow Manager (press Options inside a Flow) and select View: xxxx to get a list of available views. you can select any of the Gemstone ones or drill down and pick onces from phoenix or your own custom ones if you have added any in the vfs structure the phoenix core uses. note: you can Cache the view results if you want to improve the load performance of larger views.

View Options - these options will adjust the presentation - grouping and sorting of the view. They are best used on the simple Base Views but can be used on other views but selecting groups WILL flatten your View first before grouping it so be warned. When playing with View Options check out the extra -Options for the Group or Sort for some more choices in customizing the presentation.

View Filters - check these out to add some filtering to most views. some work on any view but others may be limited by how vfs work so try and see what works for you.

Info Options - available in the Flow Manager allows you to hide/show/adjust the look of the info screen displayed with each Flow type...typically on the right side but varies a little based on flows. There is a simple, poster and small background option as well as Split for some Flows (like Center Flow)

Customize - available in the Flow Manager offer all the various settings for the specific Flow type you are on... lots of options here.

Fanart Manager - check this out to review fanart available for the selected media and set defaults or delete unwanted fanart.

Image Options - check this out from the Utility Menu off the Main Menu or from any Flow to Clear or build the image cache, adjust fanart/image settings etc.

Import/Export - there is a common setup for Exporting settings for Menus, Flows etc. Check this out to allow you to move your settings to another client or extender.

EPG - this area also has some customization with a Full Screen EPG available... check out the Options Menu when in the EPG

OSD - this area also has some customization so check out the Options Menu when in the OSD

Widget Manager - available from the Main Menu Options. Turn on/off the many widgets available in Gemstone and then set their options to vary what is displayed. Set the Live Widgets options to be able to navigate to the widget panels and see more info.

Utility Menu - available from the Main Menu Options. Some extra options here you should check out for adjusting the Logging, Image settings, Import/Export, reload Views/VFS if you manually edited your personal vfs file, clear your settings and some advanced options to check out the Task Switcher that is not really ready (uses FF/RW keys to switch between Flows etc) and here you can set the Double Back keypress setting to exit some of the flows.

Weather - lots of changes here. Gemstone uses a new solution from the phoenix core to allow mutiple providers... so far Google/NWS, Yahoo and World Weather (note the Google one has not been working - see forum). lots of settings available from the Weather Options in the weather screens or off the Main Menu Options. Go into Customize to change the Icon sets or turn on the Optional Weather backgrounds (needs the Optional Plugin installed).

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