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SageTV Beta Test Software Discussion related to BETA Releases of the SageTV application produced by SageTV. Questions, issues, problems, suggestions, etc. regarding SageTV Beta Releases should be posted here.

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Old 01-27-2006, 07:13 PM
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Smile SageTV V4.1.6 Beta Is Available

Here's the latest beta release from us to address some current issues and add some other little features. Let us know if there's any issues by reporting bugs to

The beta updates can always be accessed from

It is HIGHLY recommended to use this version over V4.1.5. There's a major issue in V4.1.5 that was discovered today when being run in service mode that V4.1.6 resolves (issues with favorites not being recorded or problems with the MVP UI).

This version can be used under the trial or by registered users.



Release Notes:

SageTV V4.1.6 Release Notes 1/27/2005

Core Updates
1. Added propert for encoders forced_video_storage_path_prefix. If this is set then it will only write to video storage directories that being with the string this property is set to.
2. Updated dshow_tv_type property setting for encoders to be automatic based on country selection.
3. Fixed issue with repeatedly launching the screen saver while the screen saver was already active.
4. Updates for new transcoding engine that doesn't have to go through the Media Server
5. Fixed bug where a file transfer could overwrite a file with itself and end up zeroing it out
6. Added support for seeking within transcoded files that are currently being recorded.
7. Fixed broadcast for SageTV Server discovery from SageTVClient so it uses the right broadcast address.
8. Fixed broadcast discovery problem with network encoders where it wasn't using the right broadcast address.
9. Fixed issues with negative uptimes
10. Added property seeker/disable_video directory_verifications which if set to true will stop the scanning of the video directories which may cause performance issues with large content volumes. It is not recommeneded to set this to true unless you know what you're diong.
11. FIX: some Europe DVB-T TS AC3 audio taged with stream type 6 instead of 0x81
12. new PSParser code is able handle the program stream file that carries more than 2 PES streams ( mutil private streams in some ripping DVD VOB file ).
13. fix: can't playback mpeg file created by some network encoder that system packets are embedded in middle of stream packets.
14. Fixed issue with Favorite recordings getting dropped (and other random problems) when running in service mode.

Linux Specific Updates
1. Fixed issue where the MVP didn't work right in a mode 0 install

Windows Specific Updates
1. DVB-T capabilities are now enabled by default. No need to edit the properties file anymore.
2. If tuner frq file is not availabe, we save a default tuner frq file for user building customized channel table easily.
3. Fixed possible exception errors due to bad input data from the capture filter
4. When playing back a file with AC3 audio; if the SageTV MPEG Audio Decoder is selected, it will now automatically be removed and replaced with the AC3Filter.
5. Added error check for having the wrong version of the SageTV MPEG Demux

Media Extender Updates
1. Redid the extender protocol so it runs on a single port and uses 2 channels instead of 3 for communication. The port used is 31099.
2. Changed cleanup code so that it doesn't wait for the response from the MVP (this speeds it up significantly).
3. Added a socket timeout to the MiniPlayer and also enabled socket keep alive.
4. Initial MiniPlayer connections are no longer dropped after 30 seconds if not used as long as the UI session for that client is still active.
5. Fixed issues with MVPs not working properly when the server was in service mode

Studio Updates

STV Updates
1. Made use of negative return values for GetOriginalAiringDate() so that older dates would work.
2. Added check to help prevent copying files over themselves in Media Center's File Browser.
3. Fixed "CurrTime" shape in the Program Guide so that its value of 1800000 comes from the "ui/epg_col_duration" property.
Jeffrey Kardatzke
Founder of SageTV
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