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Old 09-14-2019, 05:01 PM
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Originally Posted by wnjj View Post
Looks like your wiz.bin is a lot like Bob's here.

From your log file, you can see the table sizes as it tries to load them. Your 'Agent' table is huge (323MB), like Bob's was.

Sun 9/8 12:18:19.521 [main@7eda2dbb] Wizard loading main index for Year bytes=1704
Sun 9/8 12:18:19.522 [main@7eda2dbb] Wizard loading main index for Network bytes=13241
Sun 9/8 12:18:19.525 [main@7eda2dbb] Wizard loading main index for Title bytes=575060
Sun 9/8 12:18:19.544 [main@7eda2dbb] Wizard loading alt index 1 for Title bytes=79266
Sun 9/8 12:18:19.552 [main@7eda2dbb] Wizard loading main index for Channel bytes=36403
Sun 9/8 12:18:19.556 [main@7eda2dbb] Wizard loading main index for Bonus bytes=140672
Sun 9/8 12:18:19.566 [main@7eda2dbb] Wizard loading main index for People bytes=7375464
Sun 9/8 12:18:19.860 [main@7eda2dbb] Wizard loading alt index 2 for People bytes=441130
Sun 9/8 12:18:19.897 [main@7eda2dbb] Wizard loading alt index 16 for People bytes=441130
Sun 9/8 12:18:19.913 [main@7eda2dbb] Wizard loading main index for SubCategory bytes=2419
Sun 9/8 12:18:19.915 [main@7eda2dbb] Wizard loading main index for Rated bytes=105
Sun 9/8 12:18:19.918 [main@7eda2dbb] Wizard loading main index for ExtendedRating bytes=603
Sun 9/8 12:18:19.919 [main@7eda2dbb] Wizard loading main index for Category bytes=2361
Sun 9/8 12:18:19.921 [main@7eda2dbb] Wizard loading main index for Show bytes=15228710
Sun 9/8 12:18:20.534 [main@7eda2dbb] Wizard loading alt index 3 for Show bytes=195014
Sun 9/8 12:18:20.550 [main@7eda2dbb] Wizard loading main index for Airing bytes=6495807
Sun 9/8 12:18:20.643 [main@7eda2dbb] Wizard loading alt index 6 for Airing bytes=666242
Sun 9/8 12:18:20.690 [main@7eda2dbb] Wizard loading alt index 5 for Airing bytes=666242
Sun 9/8 12:18:20.728 [main@7eda2dbb] Wizard loading main index for ManualRecord bytes=29702
Sun 9/8 12:18:20.737 [main@7eda2dbb] Wizard loading main index for MediaFile bytes=832599
Sun 9/8 12:18:21.004 [main@7eda2dbb] Wizard loading alt index 10 for MediaFile bytes=6762
Sun 9/8 12:18:21.005 [main@7eda2dbb] Wizard loading alt index 12 for MediaFile bytes=6762
Sun 9/8 12:18:21.010 [main@7eda2dbb] Wizard loading main index for Watched bytes=765486
Sun 9/8 12:18:21.019 [main@7eda2dbb] Wizard loading alt index 7 for Watched bytes=51038
Sun 9/8 12:18:21.037 [main@7eda2dbb] Wizard loading main index for Agent bytes=323859864

It looks like Bob just started over. I don't know if there's a pre-canned way to purge all of those agents. I suppose someone could hack in a one-time delete of all that aren't favorites in a custom sage.jar. Starting up with that once would shrink the wiz.bin. It would also mean your intelligent recording history would be wiped if that's important to you. If I understand how they work, I believe that favorites are also agents but are marked differently so could be preserved.

With some customization, my wiz2sql code could also be modified to write wiz.bin out minus all of those non-favorite agents.
Yup it very big chunk of it Agent[Trend=PersonTrend, Person= there 3,304,656 line when only 428,705‬ is the main part.
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Old 09-22-2019, 08:39 AM
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Originally Posted by SHS View Post
Dran it didn't go as plans it always get to 42.16% rebuild the then reset over and over to same number.
Odd lee enough It will load if set 800 or 2048 java heap
you are absolutely correct I had changed the heap size but there happen to be many places in the registry that had to be changed is was not just in one place and that's why it took me so long to solve this issue. when I searched the reg for frey I was able to locate all locations and change it there.

I want to thank the community for all the help I am up and running in the 64 bit version.
I was hoping it would speed things up and not get that spiny thing as much but it did not solve that issue for me. oh well

thanks again
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