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SageTV Software Discussion related to the SageTV application produced by SageTV. Questions, issues, problems, suggestions, etc. relating to the SageTV software application should be posted here. (Check the descriptions of the other forums; all hardware related questions go in the Hardware Support forum, etc. And, post in the customizations forum instead if any customizations are active.)

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Old 11-30-2010, 08:57 PM
ttdberg ttdberg is offline
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TV Recordings appear in Videos

I recently migrated my SageTV setup to a new computer with a fresh Windows7 / SageTV7 install. It is a single machine attached directly to the TV and acts as both server and client. Before migrating to the new machine, I had loads of TV recordings created on the old SageTV6 machine. Most shows were recorded with SageTV6, some with SageTV5 and maybe even SageTV4 (the machine was around for a very long time and had been upgraded several times).

Anyway, at the time of migration, I copied all of my SageTV recordings from the old machine's hard drive to the new machine's hard drive. I did not bring over any other components including or wiz.bin. Then I installed SageTV7 on the new machine, and configured the folder where the TV recordings had been copied to as a video recording directory. I understand that doing this effectively treats the folder as both a recording directory and an import folder. At this point, my hope was that the next library scan would recognize the recordings I had copied over as TV Recordings, and they would show up in the SageTV interface as such. However, they are all appearing as imported videos in the Videos area.

I kind of thought this might happen, based on some previous experiences, but after reading a few other related posts recently, it seems as though Sage potentially should have recognized the files as TV Recordings and categorized them as such. Anyway, that's not what happened here, unfortunately.

Is there any way to get them out of Videos and into the TV Recordings area, and if so - how? I'm hoping it's at least possible, no matter how tedious the process may be.

In case it matters, I do have the setting "TV Recordings in Import Directories are: Recordings"

Thanks for any help.
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Old 11-30-2010, 09:01 PM
Slugger Slugger is offline
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You need to copy over your old wiz.bin. The wiz.bin is what contains all the info about your old recordings. If you use a newly created wiz.bin then Sage has no way to know what those old recordings refer to. Stop Sage before replacing wiz.bin.
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Old 11-30-2010, 09:01 PM
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you can use BMT to do that. The web ui for BMT allows you to set things as recordings, archived, etc.

Do you have the new directory set as an import path and a recording path?

For me, i just recently did this, and I simply setup my new recording directory that had all the old recordings in it, and Sage immedietly picked them up as Recordings rather than imports.

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Old 11-30-2010, 09:02 PM
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I did not copy my wiz.bin because it was corrupt, and following what i said above i had no problems at all.

now i realize i lost my viewing history, but was able to save my favorites, and recordings which is all me and wifey cared about.
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Old 12-06-2010, 07:27 PM
ttdberg ttdberg is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2006
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Smile Thank You (Resolved with BMT)

Just wanted to say thanks for the advice. For a variety of reasons, I did not want to copy over my old wiz.bin file to resolve this. However, I installed the BMT plugin and was able to use that to completely and easily resolve this. Thanks to stuckless and anyone else who contributes to BMT for making such a great and useful tool.
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