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Old 05-11-2017, 03:24 PM
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Sage 9 Hangs Playing Certain Files to HD300

I'm trying to figure out why certain recordings can't be played over an HD300 or HD200.

I have a recording currently exhibiting that behavior. It plays back just fine on the Sage server's display (i.e., when running Sage as a client). But it throws an endlessly spinning icon up when viewed over an HD300.

The logs are filled with EventThread Hang Detected errors which appear to be related to the failure to play the file.

I set ui/thread_hang_delay_dump to 5000 milliseconds, and I >>think<< I'm getting a bunch of new error messages when I try to play back the file remotely...but I'm not sure.

Here's a sample of what I think is related to the failure:

Thu 5/11 14:11:15.874 [AWTThreadWatcher-0023a5000146@1ddcb6d] EventThread-0023a5000146 Hang Detected - hang time = 36017 UILocker=Thread[ActiveRender-0023a5000146,2,main]
Thu 5/11 14:11:15.884 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] Source)
Thu 5/11 14:11:15.896 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] Source)
Thu 5/11 14:11:15.904 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] Source)
Thu 5/11 14:11:15.909 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] Source)
Thu 5/11 14:11:15.914 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] sage.MiniClientSageRenderer.sendBufferNow(
Thu 5/11 14:11:15.919 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] sage.MiniClientSageRenderer.setWaitCursor(
Thu 5/11 14:11:15.925 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] sage.MiniClientSageRenderer.setWaitIndicatorState(
Thu 5/11 14:11:15.931 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] sage.ZRoot$
Thu 5/11 14:11:16.041 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] MiniUI client An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
Thu 5/11 14:11:16.051 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
Thu 5/11 14:11:16.052 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] Method)
Thu 5/11 14:11:16.061 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] Source)
Thu 5/11 14:11:16.071 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] Source)
Thu 5/11 14:11:16.081 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] Source)
Thu 5/11 14:11:16.090 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] Source)
Thu 5/11 14:11:16.095 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] sage.MiniClientSageRenderer.sendBufferNow(
Thu 5/11 14:11:16.101 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] sage.MiniClientSageRenderer.setWaitCursor(
Thu 5/11 14:11:16.107 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] sage.MiniClientSageRenderer.setWaitIndicatorState(
Thu 5/11 14:11:16.113 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] sage.ZRoot$
Thu 5/11 14:11:16.213 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] MiniUI client An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
Thu 5/11 14:11:16.223 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
Thu 5/11 14:11:16.224 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] Method)
Thu 5/11 14:11:16.231 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] Source)
Thu 5/11 14:11:16.238 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] Source)
Thu 5/11 14:11:16.244 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] Source)
Thu 5/11 14:11:16.250 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] Source)
Thu 5/11 14:11:16.256 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] sage.MiniClientSageRenderer.sendBufferNow(
Thu 5/11 14:11:16.261 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] sage.MiniClientSageRenderer.setWaitCursor(
Thu 5/11 14:11:16.265 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] sage.MiniClientSageRenderer.setWaitIndicatorState(
Thu 5/11 14:11:16.269 [FinalRender-0023a5000146@1065cb0] sage.ZRoot$
Does this provide any hints about what's going wrong with this file? If not, what next steps should I try?
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Old 05-15-2017, 11:16 AM
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That's what it'll flood the log with in certain types of failure cases. What I'd want to see is the part of the log (but please post that whole log) when you select it for play back and all of this starts.
Jeffrey Kardatzke
Founder of SageTV
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