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Old 09-18-2009, 02:56 AM
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Web Radio and TV encoder Announcement Thread

Announcement: Web Feed Encoder version 0.9.4


The webfeedencoder is a means to get web based streaming TV and radio and device output available in SageTV and its extenders as if they were regular channels.

As far as SageTV is concerned the webfeedencoder behaves like another TV tuner.

The excellent VLC media player software is used to tune to the internet TV or radio station, add video to the radio, and dump to an MPEG2 file for SageTV.

The means of tuning and detuning is completely configurable so any source of video or audio could be fed to SageTV via the webfeedencoder.

The webfeedencoder also includes an EPG grabber to harvest schedules from the web pages and other sources and update SageTVs program guide without need for an XMLTV importer.

A configuration tool is provided which allows you to:
  • Find and configure new channels.
  • Test the channels and EPG harvest.
  • Perform ad-hoc EPG updates.
  • Manage your channel lineup up in SageTV.

Installation of the encoder requires installation of a single plugin jar file to your SageTV installation and updates to the file.

A comprehensive install wizard performs the whole installation task and provides options to downgrade to your previous version and uninstall.

  • The VLC media player. Version 0.9.8 and 0.9.9 work. Versions 1.0 and 1.1 do not work currently.
  • Version 6.4 of SageTV or later.

Known problems
  • Some users reported sound is choppy if listening on the PC that hosts the SageTV server.
  • Tuning can be slow.
  • VLC sessions sometimes do not die when recording has finished.
  • VLC session sometimes crash when they are being closed down.

Future directions

The aim of the webfeedencoder is provide a basket of tools to get anything into SageTV. Future plans involve configuring new online sources, access to the server DVD, and tools to extract stream URLs from flash based players.

Installation and upgrade from earlier versions

Download the file from here

Unzip the download file in a location of your choice and double click on the jar file to install.

The zip file also contains the user guide.

Support and updates

Support is available on this thread.

Version History

0.9.4 - 5th release (Beta).
  • Direct injection of EPG data and lineup to SageTV eliminating the need to go via XMLTV and XMLTV importers.
  • Installation wizard which performs all installation, deinstallation, upgrade, downgrade and setup tasks.
  • A configuration tool eliminating the need for manual configuration of lineup which allows direct injection of lineup and EPG to SageTV and provides test tools for channels and web harvests.
  • Inclusion of direct show devices as a type of channel.
  • Substantial cleanup of config files and some renaming of properties to be more consistent.
  • Introduced the concept of a seed plugin - which knows how to browse the channel listings of external websites and grab initial channel config from them. This "seed" channel config can then be further overridden to add missing information or correct web site mistakes.
  • Existing code for direct show devices and radiotime stations recast as seed plugins.
  • A new seed plugin for added so internet TV channels can be configured.

0.9.3 - 4th release (Beta).
  • Ability to tune to internet TV channels.
  • Support for unix specific tuning commands - not fully tested yet - beta tester required.
  • To support the above sagetv.dir and vlc.dir become sagetv.logos.dir and vlc.exe to point to the required resource.
  • Made tuning and detuning script driven per channel to allow custom tuning instructions.
  • To support TV and custom tune commands the lineup channel ids need to be prefixed with a name that corresponds to a properties file that specifies properties common to a group of channels and other data e.g. radio/977HItz, tv/i3interactive
  • The generic grabber now allows stop times. This fixes problems where stations do not broadcast 24 hour.
  • The web-based now playing text processing now allows incremental advance to the beginning of track now playing data in the source html.
  • If web-based now playing text is not specified the encoder will look for ICY meta data or ID3v2 tags to get the track now playing.
  • Fixed paths for config and log files in unix.
  • Removed surplus file separators.
  • Provide a substitute image for the video if no channel logo is available.
  • Fix the issue where sometimes the logo image file name on was prefixed with the wrong channel id.
  • Fix sample WMNF channel properties where the EPG was configired to be a day behind.
  • Fix issue where radiotime day epg urls where being created only for the first seven days of after the channel first appears.
  • Set the now playing text size before presenting it rather than after.

0.9.2 - 3rd release (Beta).
  • Fixed bug where images did not get downloaded when a channel offset is in force.
  • Fixed bug where an empty channel properties file is always created when an unknown id is used in the channel lineup.
  • Changed sample channels callsigns to be in agreement with radio and hence also renamed them.
  • Added some debug and a possible fix to the properties file not found message in linux.

0.9.1 - 2nd release (Beta).
  • Integrated the webepggrabber release with webfeedencoder. While still useful separately I no longer which to manage it in a seperate distribution.
  • Correct port number in the instructions.
  • Fix various problems caching the channel logo and temporary video image. If you delete either they are now correctly reproduced.
  • Moved the channel configuration from tuning.props and lineup.props lineup.props which now simply maps channel number to channel id
  • The channel id can now be a RadioTime station id. If this is used no other channel configuration is necessary.
  • Created a channels directory where seperate per channel properties files serve the purpose of the old tuning.props and lineup.props
  • A separate cache directory now holds cached images and radio time properties files. The tmp directory now holds disposable files.
  • Improved the housekeeping of temporary files.
  • Improved the recording state machine to cope with odd behaviours resulting from the time it takes to tune.
  • Added a shutdown hook to stop recording if the process is shutdown.
  • Added a service wrapper so the encoder can be run as a windows service.
  • Remove HTML escape codes from titles, descriptions and now playing text.
  • Now playing html parsing now recognises that there may be a seperator between artist and title to be removed.
  • Fixed a bug in the default grabber which caused programmes to still be of 24 hour length when Daylight Savings occurred.
  • A channel timezone can now be specified for the generic grabber so programme times are correctly calculated for foreign stations can converted to UTC in the XMLTV.
  • The generic grabber can now handle the programme description being accessed via another URL.
  • The generic grabber now allows multiple time formats for schedule pages that mix and match time style e.g. 3pm-5.30pm.
  • The generic grabber can now handle a different order of items in the schedule. Sometimes they can appear time, title, desc and sometimes its a different order.
  • Add a category "Radio" to the radio programmes.

0.9.0 - Initial release (Beta)

Many thanks to Deanm, Ianhud, Matt91, Brent, Doc, Slipshod, latino, bcjenkins, tmiranda, robogeek and kha for beta-testing and feedback.

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