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Old 09-19-2011, 08:28 PM
matterofrecord matterofrecord is offline
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Help needed setting up freesat


the short version

I need some help tuning my freesat card with sagetv. I'm getting all the channels when I use NPVR but when I use sage to scan for channels I'm missing important channels

The detailed version

I've just bought my first peice of satellite equipment a Compro videomate s350 ( it only does dvb-s NOT dvb-s2 but that is fine with me). I have a connection to a sky dish left by the last tennant. I was wanting to get the free satellite channels using sagetv
[ mostly I was looking for bbc radio 1 to 4 because in my area they stop broadcasting these channels on dvb-t from 5pm to 12pm to make room for bbc alba (a gaelic language channel)]
Afer my first tune I looked through the mass of channels and found bbc radio and some others were missing.

I Can get all the channels using Npvr ( gbpvr) so I don't think the dish or the tuning card are the problem. However I find npvr interface very frustrating to use and would much rather use sagetv.

I've tried some basic updating with "PredefinedDVBS.frq" (like you would with the "PredefinedDVBT.frq" file ) using values from kingofsat but it made no difference. So I deleted all the mappings and I tried tuning to specific frequencies that sage had already recieved in the past and that succeeded. So using the same method and using kingofsat and satbeams for the detials I figured I would try and tune to get bbc radio
I figure the frq file should be
frq:11954000 rate:27500 fec_rate_in:2 pol:1
thats frequency 11954 khz symbol rate 27500 fec value 2/3 and polerisation H

however that failed to find any channels. At this point I have no idea why not. npvr can find them so why not sage?

Does any one know what I am doing wrong? I'm all out of ideas so any help would be appreciated ?

In fact is anyone else having this problem or is everyone happily getting bbc radio 1-4?



[ LOF and TOS values
I have did make an effort to use lof values but I have no real idea what these are, whether I needed them or what values should be used so I just took some values from wikipedia ( and put them in which majorly messed things up as the LOF values can't be reset to "Not Set" (as far as I can tell) so any help with those would be good as well. thanks]

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dvb-s, freesat, predefineddvbs, predefineddvbs.frq

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