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Old 06-24-2010, 11:26 AM
Monedeath Monedeath is offline
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NewEgg's HTPC poll

I don't know how many of you guys have noticed this, or care. I thought the question, and the options NewEgg offered are probably an interesting insight as to how the retailers/distributors view HTPC's currently.

If you owned a Home Theater PC, what would you most likely use it most for?
* Internet
* Streaming Music/Video
* Gaming
* Movie playback
* None of the above (Provide feedback comments)
Ok, I can see web-surfing on the TV set, sadly Sage doesn't make that easy from the HT200 boxes. Though that isn't the purpose for them to start with.

I can see Streaming Music/Video though I'm 99% certain they're talking about Pandora, Youtube, NetFlix, and Hulu in this case.

Gaming is another one I can go along with easily, if I'm plugging a computer directly into to a TV, particularly a big screen HDTV, I'd probably want to have some fun with it in that manner.

Movie Playback makes sense as well.

What completely baffles me is the complete absence of PVR/DVR functions being mentioned at all. Or being able view digital pictures on the TV. Though I guess you could technically call the PVR/DVR stuff streaming--particularly in the case of "headless" setups like many Sage users have.

The sad thing is looking at NewEgg's concept of what people would use a HTPC for and going "Video Streaming" ok, XBox and PS3 have that covered to at least some degree. "Gaming" XBox and PS3 certainly have their ducks in a row on that one. "Movie Playback" also comes back with an, "Oh hey, I'm pretty sure you have options for that on Xbox and PS3 as well."

Which isn't too surprising, as XBox has been targeted as being a Home Theater accessory and even an extension of Windows Media Center for a more "headless" type of operation. Likewise PS3 has been aimed at being more than just a video game console.

What does surprise me is that I'd expect places like NewEgg to be a little more sophisticated about knowing what their technical market segments are. (I guess they're trying to find out about HTPC's right now) Instead of simply looking at a PS3 or XBox360 and using them as a template for what a HTPC should be.
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Old 06-24-2010, 01:05 PM
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sleonard sleonard is offline
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I noticed the poll also but after realizing that they forgot to list what, IMHO, is the "Raison d'etre" of an HTPC (PVR/DVR) I just ignored it and went about my business.

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Old 06-24-2010, 08:07 PM
Suntan Suntan is offline
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Quite honestly, it doesn't surprise me. Based on comments from other forums around the net, I would hazard to say that DVRing on the HTPC is a minority activity.

I believe most people just assume you use your cable companies DVR box.

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