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SageMC Custom Interface This forum is for discussing the user-created SageMC custom interface for SageTV.

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Old 04-24-2009, 09:19 AM
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Arrow STV Import: Sage Movie Wall V2 (SMW)

Currently in Public Beta*** (I say this mostly as phoenix sage, and sagemc are in beta as well)
Current Version = V4.01 Updated 10/06/09

Download latest version

Pre-release talk can be found here
Finally for release is my Import Sage Movie Wall or SMW for you acronym lovers.

I started this project because the default Sagemc Video Library screen was too lacking coming from media center. After many, many builds it has gotten allot better but is not finished yet. Sage Movie Wall is now over 500 builds into it . That being said there is a version 5 preview view in this build V5 will be a complete we-rite from the ground up

I need to thank a couple of people first

• RazrSharpe- Without his help on our API and our teamwork helping each other where we can this app would not be near where it is today.
• DBone- For his relentless testing and I mean relentless also for doing a great blog writeup on how to install and use SMW!!.
• RLSimpson & Feekill- for their Photoshop work much appreciated.
• Brent- For his continued blog writings/instructions and support testing
• BabgVant- For hosting all my crap and his also relentless testing
• PeterReader & PeterH- Also are relentless testers and give their ideas/feedback constantly.
• MeinMaui and Stuckless-Their work/efforts on phoenix api and Sagemc are relentless and none of this would be possible without it.

Lastly but not least all the other beta testers they are a huge reason you see some of the things that are there today because of their input and suggestions. They really helped the import come along.
Alright enough of that now for the good stuff.

Installation Instructions can be found here.



Guide = Actors in current movie

Search = Quick Categories

Stop = Grab focus of scrollable info if there is any.

Skip2 (ff&bb) = quick change of current filterset.

Known Issues

1. When you use the sidebar (letters) and select one. When you move off that one it may go up or down instead of sideways. (In folder/poster view)
2. Does not work with Touchscreen Import

SageMovieWAll no longer supports folder.jpegs fully and fanart is required. If you have folder jpegs please use the below conversion tool to get it in fanart structure nothing else is required but this extra tool

Advanced Fanart Tool

Black backgound in wall is correct and non adjustable if I allow themes they bleed through when transparancy is set and makes it look bad.
There are still some things I want to add or change will put that list up shortly.

Remember you cannot re-import new version on top of old always start with a blank mc.xml

If you are running a version before version 4 you must delete all properties that start with "pluckyhd" from your properties file before runing version 4.

Version 4

Screen caps of V 4.0
Small List



Homepage Themes




Preview view of version 5 (not fully supported yet but does function and meant to be a preview of “What’s To Come”) . There are a couple of issues with is currently but you can use it if you want.

What’s to Come
What’s to Come Info

Version History

2.01 05/07/2009
• Version two release --v.2 changelog
V3 1.04 06/29/2009
• Version three release v3 released

V4 1.00 08/28/2009
• Version Four release almost a complete re-write from version 3.

V4 1.01 10/06/2009
• Misc Patches/fixes for V4. List of fixes

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