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SageTV Github Development Discussion related to SageTV Open Source Development. Use this forum for development topics about the Open Source versions of SageTV, hosted on Github.

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Old 12-31-2015, 09:00 AM
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V9 of various plugins are coming... but...

Since SageTV has been opened sourced, there has been more interest (at least from me) to update some of the plugins that I work on (or use).

I've deprecated Phoenix UI because the UI maintainers have moved on, and I switched to Gemstone. I'm been pleased with Gemstone.

Jusjoken has been actively updating the Phoenix core code and he's recently added new views for Missing TV Episodes and he's added Collection support. In doing this we needed to move to the latest version of the TheMovieDB apis, which required newer versions of other jars, etc, etc. This plugin update is likely to break some other plugins that depend on http client.

Because of this, the new Phoenix Core will be a V9 ONLY plugin. ie, you can't install it on V7, and the V7 version is no longer exist.

Because of how SageTV manages plugins, there can only be a single version for a plugin id. So, once the new Phoenix Core plugin is released, you will no longer be able to update/install Phoenix in V7. In my mind, this isn't a big deal, because either you have Phoenix installed on V7 and you'll continue to use that version, or if you want to move to Gemstone (or use Phoenix features), you'll move to V9.

That being said, I've mentioned before that I really do think that the Open Source version of SageTV SHOULD have a separate SageTVPlugins.xml from the V7 version and the that the V9 version would "inherit" V7 plugins, and override the ones are updated in V9. This would require Jeff to update the plugin submit process to separate V7 and V9 submissions or the open source community would need to build a plugin repository that handles submissions, etc.

We could create new plugin ids for the V9 phoenix (and all dependent libraries) but that's just crazy... and we'd end up with the possibilty that people would install both phoenix-core and phoenix-core-sagetv9 and they'd clobber each other, or end up with duplicate jars in the JARs area, etc.

Jusjoken has stated that he'll be making the new Gemstone a V9 only plugin as well, which, he'd have to do, if it depends on Phoenix (which it does).

I'm also working on updating the Jetty Plugin to Version 9, which will be a SageTV 9 only update as well. (BMT is dead, but not sure if the mobile web and the main web will be updated to work with the V9 server, or if we just start over and build a single web app that encompases, mobile, web and bmt applications -- I'm leaning towards the latter)

And I have a new plugin, PushBullet for SageTV, that will be a V9 only plugin, since it uses some APIs that are not available in V7. This plugin basically pushes SageTV System Messages (Halt Detected, etc) to your phone/desktop, if you have the PushBullet app (or extension) installed.

I'm also working on updating the sagex-api plugin and it move to a V9 version as well.

So, I guess the good news is that there are new and updated plugins coming, but, because of how intertwined V7 and the Open Source versions are (ie, sharing the same plugins), then V7 is about to get a lot less functional.

This really isn't a question of not wanting to support V7... it's just that once you move a plugin to depend on V9, V7 can no longer access the V7 version of that plugin, and anything that depended on that V7 version can not be installled, etc.

I guess I'm wondering if it's time to simply change the V9 code to support additional plugin repositories (something I've suggested in the past), and then maintain a separate SageTVPluginsV9.xml in a github repository for V9 plugin updates. This allows V7 to carry on, unbroken, while V9 can evolve without impacting V7.
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