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Old 08-23-2010, 11:39 AM
chrishallowell chrishallowell is offline
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Property files

I'm trying to understand the different property files and how each is set/get.
(I'm using the STVI Configurator plugin if that is relevant.)

From what I gather, there are 3 types of SageTV property files
2., 1 for each client (includes the client running on the server)
3. client\*.properties, 1 for each extender

Do I have this right?
1. can be accessed by any client or extender
2. A client/extender can't access another client/extenders' properties
Or is it this....
1. A STVi must be installed in each client/extender so it only makes sense to store the properties in their own properties file and not in the global one.

How does the plugin manager determine where to save the config values?
(My config values are being saved to, but I want them saved to because they are global settings.)
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Old 08-23-2010, 11:49 AM
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You are correct. When using get/set property within studio it returns the client/extender properties.

As for the plugin it defaults to the clients property unless you make your own class to define it to get/set the server property. There may be a way to do this by default I am not sure I just made my own class using the sagex IPropertyPersistance method. Not sure if Greg has a way to do this with the STVi configurator or not.
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Old 08-23-2010, 12:11 PM
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Originally Posted by chrishallowell View Post
How does the plugin manager determine where to save the config values?
It doesn't. The plugin manager's job is to present the config UI and accept user input. Your code is responsible for actually saving the values somewhere (and the plugin manager doesn't care where).

In your case (if we're still talking about the same plugin), you've chosen to delegate the task of saving values to XmlConfig, which uses Get/SetProperty, which as you've observed stores them in when running on a client. The current version of XmlConfig has no provision for forcing server-side property storage.

In nearly all cases, Get/SetProperty is the right choice for plugins. For single-instance Standard plugins installed on the server, this will store the properties globally in For UI mod plugins running in a client context, it will store them in the client-specific properties file.

You said you want your settings to be global in effect, but that seems to be at odds with the fact that you're implementing your plugin as an STVI, which by definition is a client-side plugin. By convention each Sage client has its own set of UI configuration setttings. Maybe if you said more about what you're trying to do, we could give better advice on where and how to store your settings.
-- Greg
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