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Old 11-24-2004, 08:28 AM
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NVidia Settings - PQ

So I just put together my system last night and got everything working... I installed the Nvidia codecs but can only get the Post Processing one to work. The regular one comes up with some error. (Might be helpful if I could remeber the error... It has something to do with not being able to render the video.) Should I see a tray icon for the codec when using the PP filter? If not, is there another way to change the codec settings?

Am I better off installing nvDVD instead of just the codecs?

Also, I want to install ffdshow... Should I try to get the nvidia codec working before doing this? I read that you want to install the codec after installing ffdshow, so should I uninstall the codec first before installing ffdshow, then reinstall it?

*edit* I just saw another thread relating to the problem I am experiencing, although it seems to have died.

The error I am getting is this: There was a MPEG-2 Video Error in playback. Details: Rendering of video stream failed ErrCode=0x88760028 *end edit*

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Old 11-24-2004, 03:06 PM
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In my experience you cannot use the DXVA encoder anywhere without an error probably mostly because its meant for hardware acceleration and you should use the postprocessing one anyways (processor usage is still pretty low) and to get ffdshow to work with it you need to go into its properties and make sure that the all supported is selected under raw video. at least with me it seemed to make the connection although you wont be able to make any changes to settings and the cpu usage was quite high. you can just choose ffdshow as your filter and it will work too.
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