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SageTV Media Extender Discussion related to any SageTV Media Extender used directly by SageTV. Questions, issues, problems, suggestions, etc. relating to a SageTV supported media extender should be posted here. Use the SageTV HD Theater - Media Player forum for issues related to using an HD Theater while not connected to a SageTV server.

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Old 12-07-2008, 02:16 PM
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HD200 initial impressions

Well, I've integrated my 2 new HD200's into the system and I've got to say they are GREAT. It was running a little glitchy doing skips at first, but I upgraded the firmware, and they've been solid ever since.

I am staying on 6.4 as I have a complex setup with HDHomerun's, R5000Mod's, and 3 clients, 4 HD Extenders and can't afford the system not working while folks visit from out of town. I've e-mailed Sage for the 2 extra licenses I need.

My initial impressions (v. HD100/Clients)...5 sec wait is a TV hasn't even dropped the initial "Input 6 selected" balloon before the SageMC screen is up and ready. I like the fact that I can press ok in that first 5 sec's and configure the extender.

I watched a combination of Live SD and HD TV and HD .mkv's (just quick test and all the mkv's worked...these also worked on HD100 so I don't know if the HD200 is any "better"). The 200 extender seems to perform better than the 100 or PC Client (less glitchy with macro blocking or weird skips). I now think I am ready to ditch my Fios set top and use HD200 for 100% of TV viewing. Watched the SD Cal Washington game on mostly delay (cought up to real time late 4th quarter) watched the SEC game in HD again mostly delay, watched USC live, watched Oklahoma in 30 min with lots of skipping all tape delay. Usually this much viewing and I'll get some weird glichyness...but the HD200's were so near flawless, I can't complain.

Only weird thing was this morning when I tried to power up the HD200 it wouldn't power up (green light just flashing, red wouldn't come on.) I unplugged it and it started right up on re-power...hope this isn't a foreshadow...fingers crossed.

The HD200 is able to load more covers than the HD100. I loaded my whole video library (maybe 500 covers) and although the HD200 waits until you page to a cover to load it, once loaded, they all stayed in memory (HD100 would reload after maybe 100~200 covers so the interface was not as snappy)...just wish sage would load covers in the background during idle so they are there more often...

So far, I am a very happy camper with the HD200 and will have it replace Client PC's as they can't handle .mkv's like the HD200 can. All of my experience is using HD200 to run the SageMC app...haven't tried anything in standalone.

Can anyone fill me in on how to use as placeshifter? I am traveling some this holiday season and it would be cool to carry my video library with me.

For those that asked, the HD200 is about as heavy as the HD100...didn't weigh it, but I'd guess it really is ~3 lbs, with 2 lbs of other stuff (wires etc) to make it really 5 lbs for first impression when I picked up the box was "wow this is heavy"...I was expecting it to feel "empty", much more dense! It gets warm but not alarmingly so (probably because of the density, chip used, and smaller ventilation).

I'll hook up the kill-a-watt and let folks know how much juice it sucks in another thread...
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