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SageMC Custom Interface This forum is for discussing the user-created SageMC custom interface for SageTV.

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Old 01-12-2010, 10:12 PM
jlampson jlampson is offline
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Comskip Issues

A little Comskip problem I'm hoping for some help with. Thank you in advance!

I am running a server with a PVR-150 and a HVR-1600.

My clients are all older PCs that I'm going to be converting to HD-200 units at some point. I have some minor video rendering issues (SageMC main menus disappear and imported DVDs sometimes show no video while playing) I have installed the latest versions of SageTV, run the current updates on each client, and have installed the full version of SageMC with the latest beta updates. I was having this problem prior to any beta updates.

Sometimes Comskip will work fine and sometimes it won't. Shows appear to be recorded and processed properly. EDL files are there for each show. DIRMon2 runs and does its thing.

For instance, I was watching the premiere of Chuck last night and it was not auto skipping. Then this morning I watched the follow-up episode of it and I was surprised to see it automatically skip. (Yes, Com Auto Skip is enabled in SageMC.) I tested it on another client and it was auto-skipping like a champ. Now I go to bring up the same files and it does not auto skip and the bar is not showing that there are commercial skip portions.

Everything in SageMC is set to Enabled under Comskip options. To be honest, the episode of Chuck I watched last night was the first time Comskip worked. I was very happy and expected that it would just work from now on. I've followed all the How To's and have DirMon2 all set up according to them.

I do notice that Comskip is generating both EDL and text files. Is there a problem with having them both generated?

Thank you,


(please move this thread as necessary)
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Old 01-12-2010, 10:48 PM
jlampson jlampson is offline
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Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: Minnesota
Posts: 14
Okay, so I rebooted and it's fixed. But that doesn't explain the 3 weeks I had it generating EDL files and it didn't work, nor does it explain the several times I had rebooted it in between when it last worked and just now over the last few hours. Any ideas? Hit me up!

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