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Hardware Support Discussions related to using various hardware setups with SageTV products. Anything relating to capture cards, remotes, infrared receivers/transmitters, system compatibility or other hardware related problems or suggestions should be posted here.

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Old 05-24-2013, 09:03 PM
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Crucial M500 - 960GB SSD

I'm seriously considering one of these 960 GB SSD's. I do a fair amount of editing and saving of large files. It seems like they're out of stock everywhere, but potentially available again in a month or so. I'd sure like to here a little chatter about this massive SSD from those in the community already interested in these things.
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Old 05-28-2013, 01:04 PM
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Crucial seems well respected in years past for reliability (following Intel).

That's a huge size for an SSD and I wish I could have considered it years back. I have been using a 250gb Crucial M4 in my Macbook, and it is working extremely well (essentially it's like a new computer). I picked Crucial as it seemed to have good garbage collection, etc. over other brands.

As far as reliability and excessive writes: my opinion is that unless you are on a conservative budget (if so, probably not looking at this drive) just get it, use the heck out of it. All of that is predicated on a backup strategy that gets you up and running if there is an issue.

Can't say much about the video editing angle though. Obviously it's the disk chatter that would benefit...not sure how much you see there.
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Old 05-29-2013, 12:16 PM
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IMHO, with that much money, I'd get a pair of the WD VelociRaptors, and read from one and write to the other. You should have change left over for a 2 or 3 TB slow drive for long term storage.
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Old 05-29-2013, 05:30 PM
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If the latency wasn't an issue in machine response, might not be a bad idea, Matt.
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