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SageTV Downloads & Instructions This forum is for discussions containing Downloads and Instructions related to the Open Source version of SageTV. Please do not post questions in this forum.

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Old 03-01-2016, 11:27 AM
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Windows Installer

Latest release available

Windows Files . Click the Files tab at this locaton

Note: 9.2.1 - first release including support for 64 bit windows - Thanks to WNJJ for all the work on getting the 64 bit changes completed to make this option available to SageTV users.

SageTV Change Log

Version 9.2.1 (2019-03-23)
64-bit AVI playback and music fixes (Windows)
Change: Whitelist LAV Audio and Video Decoders (Windows)
Change: SageTV7 STV system information will indicate 32/64 bit
Fix: Include Win10 in 'VISTA_OS' detection (Windows)
Change: New installation properties default video/dvd_video renderer is 'EVR'
Change: New installation properties default video/audio decoder are auto-detected
New: Add EXEMultiTunerPlugin, HCWIRBlaster & USB-UUIRT VS projects (Windows)
64-bit code and VS project updates (Windows)
Enabled MSYS2/MinGW compile for FFMPEG-based projects (Windows)
Fix: IR interface hangs trying to send non-numeric (eg: 42-1-1) command.
Removed dependency on SDK6.1 (Windows)
Fix: Sage-x64 hang due to CableCARD tuners (Windows)
Fix: Add support for HVR-4400 and other 885 variants (Windows)
  • 64 bit install is a NEW product and will NOT perform an upgrade of x86 versions
  • Default install folder for 64 bit will be "Program Files" rather than "Program Files(x86)
  • Installation of 64 bit into the same folder as an x86 (32bit) version should work but not recommended
  • Installer will now default the install folder to the previous install location for upgrades - the 64 and 32 bit installs are handled separately for this
  • You should be able to have BOTH the 32 bit and 64 bit version installed on the same computer under different folders. They cannot/should not be run at the same time for numerous reasons
  • There is a new SageTV64 Service entry that should operated independently of the 32 bit one
  • If you copy your Wiz.bin and properties to your new installation, keep in mind that the .properties will need to be edited manually for the different paths - this is not the recommended approach as plugins and other references in the properties may cause issues
  • Note: the x64 version needs 64 bit Java and the x86 version needs 32 bit Java
  • Java is NOT embedded in the installer any longer. If Java (x86/x64 respectively) 1.7 or higher is not found on the system then the installer will download Java 1.8 from BinTray and install it. If you want a different Java version then please install it prior to running the installer.
  • AC3Filter is NO LONGER part of the installer as of 9.2.1
  • LAV Filters is now offered as part of the 32 bit and 64 bit installers.
  • The installer has options for setting "EnableSageTVStreamDemux" and "AlwaysSwapForAC3Filter"
  • Registry entries for the 64 bit install follow the windows standard so will be in a new location than the 32 bit ones (no longer under WOW6432node)
  • The installer has an option to install USB_UIRT support in the 64 bit version
  • If you wish to retain Closed Captioning or MPEG2 decoders from your V7 install, please install V9 on top of a V7 install.
  • this installer includes all prerequisites including
    • MS c++ 2010 and 2015 runtimes
    • DirectX 9 (only necessary parts)

Known Issues:
  • The installer may raise an error related to the registry settings "EnableSageTVStreamDemux" and/or "AlwaysSwapForAC3Filter". You can safely ignore these errors. Example here...
  • HDHR fresh installs will not find the 64 bit install. 2 work arounds....
    • Install the 32 bit version somewhere else, configure HDHR first time, and then you could uninstall the 32 bit version
    • Select either BeyondTV or Other: ATSC/QAM in the HDHR configuration
  • On the 64 bit version USBUIRT install may not complete fully and you may need to perform the following manual steps AFTER the install completes.
    • Copy uuirtdrv.dll from "SageTV\redist\usbuirt\amd64" folder into your Windows\System32 directory. Note that there will already be one there from the USB-UIRT driver install, but it is the 32-bit one and shouldn't be there anyway (the 32 bit one will be in SysWOW64 folder). Warning: If you reinstall the USB-UIRT driver for any reason it may replace this file with the 32-bit one.
      • 32 bit file dated 7/8/2011
      • 64 bit file dated 7/22/2012
    • More details here...
  • On the 64 bit version USBUIRT may not work in Service Mode for BOTH transmit and receive (only one or the other). This does work on some systems but the cause is unknown. You may use SageTV in "application mode" rather than as a service and this functionality should work. More details here...

For discussions related to the development of the windows installer please refer to this thread....

Latest Linux Files can be found here...
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