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Old 10-05-2006, 06:42 PM
sivilya sivilya is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2006
Posts: 52
missing my subtitles

Well, since the upgrade to ver6 I no longer see the subtitles (currently all subtitles are located with the Divx file using the same file name).

any suggestions ?

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Old 10-06-2006, 01:51 PM
sivilya sivilya is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2006
Posts: 52

any ideas ? I tried the VobSub (which doesn't even start) nor does the ffdshow. I'm simply out of ideas !?!

b.t.w - just to be clear - it worked perfectly in ver 5...


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Old 10-06-2006, 01:56 PM
ke6guj ke6guj is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2005
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I don't have any either. My V5 client would use VobSub for subtitles, but now that it is V6, no subtitle love. What would be nice is if Sage could use the CC options to control the display of subtitles, so that they could be turned on/off in Sage, instead of having to adjust an external program like VObSub. With normal remote usage it is a pain to have to use the mouse to adjust VobSub.
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Old 10-06-2006, 02:43 PM
justme justme is offline
Join Date: Mar 2003
Location: Greater Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan area
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I had a similiar issue but it also effected multiple audio track files. It has to do with sage using it's new(Mplayer) internal player/codecs for playback, instead of your intalled Dircectshow codecs. Try this setting(thanks to Narflex) in your file.

For me it only fixed some(not my OGMs and some MKVs) of my files, but it should work for files using the AVI contianer. I've already contacted Sage with a bug report. Support replied that they were aware of it and... the next build would have a way to have sage use DirectShow codecs, just like version 5 and earlier.

Hope this advice helps. I've been out of the game for a while, so I may not know what I'm talking about. Seriously, I do hope this does relate to your issue.

PS:I agree, it would be great if sage would make their mplayer build capable of controlling things like subtitles(on/off/DVD/Lyrics/Signs/etc), audio track(JAP/ENG/etc) from a dialog in Sage's UI. I have my prefered(Eng audio with Eng subs) setup's using Haali's splitter but still I like to change it for playback of some files. ie switch to director's commentray for a minute and then back to normal audio. Situations like this is where having Sage's new internal player fully handle these streams would be a great thing. Not to mention that it would free Sage from the need for using externally installed Directshow codecs for almost any setup, most people may use. I imagine they will get there eventually with the Linux version and now Mac, since neither of these use Dshow. Anyway, it's worth hoping/pushing for.
"Between you and me, my name's irrelevant."

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Old 10-06-2006, 03:35 PM
sivilya sivilya is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2006
Posts: 52
thanks justme, I actualy saw your thread with Narflex and tried that earlier - but it didn't work

and then....

I realized i should be doing this on the and now - walla !! it works !!!!

Great thanks!!!

have a great weekend!

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