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Old 08-02-2008, 09:55 AM
Bacon2002 Bacon2002 is offline
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Sony LF-PK1 Remote codes


I have one of these boxes which allows me to watch TV (UK Sky STB) on my PSP whilst I am away from home. The box has two inputs and I want to use the second input to connect it to a Hauppauge MVP or an Sage HD extender so that I can access SageTV on my PSP.

My problem is getting the remote codes for a Hauppauge MVP (or HD extender) to work with it.

The LF-PK1 emulates the remote for whatever STB, DVD etc you have connected to it via an IR mouse.

The remote codes for a Hauppauge MVP are not available as an option and the LF-PK1 does not offer the option for learning codes however it does allow you to download additional remote code and also new remote codes as they become available.

I suspect the downloaded codes could be amended but that is beyond my abilities (also from looking at the downloaded files they are not in an standard format) and therefore I have sent an e-mail to Sony although I do not hold out much hope of getting a useful reply.

The other option is to see if the MVP (or HD extender) can use remote codes from another (LF-PK1 supported) device. I have read that this is possible and I've had a look at the file in the SageTV folder.

If I am correct in thinking the MVP can learn other controllers IR commands then I have a few questions:-

1) Assuming I can find another controllers codes can I simply enter then into the file and if so how?
2) I still want to be able to use the standard remote control therefore do I need to leave the existing IR codes in the file, if so then do I enter duplicate entries?
3) I have several HD extenders and MVP connected, would doing this cause me problems with them?
4) Does anyone know where I could get a complete set of remote codes for a popular device, one that is likely to be supported by the LF-PK1?

Finally is there a FAQ or how to section somewhere I can look at to answer these and another questions?


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Old 08-02-2008, 10:19 AM
Bacon2002 Bacon2002 is offline
Sage Aficionado
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: London
Posts: 267
I'm not sure if this helps but for information here is a copy of a LF-PK1 remote file:-


Content-Type: application/x-rmc-data; charset=utf-8
Version: 1.0
Name: SAT_1_EU
Make-Name: Sony
RCode-Encoding: base64+c3

POWER Power /////3SWYdmYWsqDAXxiFv9aWLIkZCIvdg==
DECKA /////2sYka/jHdvhXMNtzxMB7ks=
DECKB /////7lx/w02FshIt8YJvnTtF0Y=
DECKC //////nnhejHoqNYcb7CM+mr5+Q=
REV Prev /////5fl0fBvpkESnvgbttpnVDY=
FWD Next /////5YlzsMLAda5HcaUNvnq9P4=
REW Rew /////2dfTH6YjUb5l8DXoAa6h5A=
FF FF /////x2HDTFUinMX3VhqRb7QHNU=
PLAY Play /////6kIGOWv4Pg6cI8+JCBdisQ=
PAUSE Pause //////gx/vhaKtYV5PozzbkrByM=
STOP Stop /////4wHLYln423Z44tNvvGxEuQ=
REC Rec /////zqg7Gb9wQlkLzpT9U96W3Q=
RECPAUSE Rec Pause /////0Py3AM3qnTy3hDDkESWQPU=
RECSTOP Rec Stop /////8BEhAR/jhMDfWZb7fGHfSI=
UP Up /////0qy0KxJBp07ifljeXe8dLUaHQfADA==
LEFT Left /////2j0vPAAdHMECNSIeeakmaY4nLe6Hw==
SELECT Select /////04v2XPpigxCGGW+n+FURoEefWn1Vw==
RIGHT Right /////8uZi6n5g7npr+3nnnJOGkKbPorHtg==
DOWN Down //////i7aUPqqXceqIMwHOxxod+omXG9Jw==
BUTTON1 Guide /////5o0KHvpDICf3MiVF74WRp7Kfq48nQ==
BUTTON2 Back /////xvk81Ju65EqgT526Gu/eZJLiCALjQ==
BUTTON3 Menu /////39MZbMxQhnyD2+0XHn/78cvr16s5w==
BUTTON5 Text /////1TaAPyhfPjLrFfsf5aaSIc=
BUTTON6 Subtitle /////8hXEJdQet8G+rWdgKwK5Y2Y4oSX1Q==
BUTTON7 Fav /////+qoKqfDxOljir6wf0Fn8u4=
BUTTON8 Info /////wgmwmd/FdrZgj8S+6KdRQZYbMOQpw==
BUTTON9 Red /////4Yh+WLpISW/0PII+9yUfp/WjS1k2g==
BUTTON10 Green //////0ujbFR5P/pryTln2iqOo2ttOTONQ==
BUTTON11 Yellow /////zT7Kkkwsaw6i9hGw3o1/oFkeX2WEg==
BUTTON12 Blue /////wacIZQ31rJPSA9NmeM3XzFWZTvsng==
BUTTON13 PPV /////xAvj9JfX9Bplr2Cx/9AlHQ=
BUTTON14 AV /////99oeuQNth18/XLrutUsmQSPYsaaZw==
TEN1 1 /////1ghXy9gaBdtK4hTaVlZWq4IMY13HA==
TEN2 2 /////yl/Y4cf0/LBwTSh+IKsc3F5LX3Efw==
TEN3 3 /////zNHPtFTYP3CZrh5zgp4tQRjNqm6Rg==
TEN4 4 /////3FMxN4iZfgWwhx/T7u7pFghADEokw==
TEN5 5 /////94Mz7xmpmiY5/aQ0nMppFGO44txAg==
TEN6 6 /////5o0KHvpDICf3MiVF5ObuRfKfq5XUw==
TEN7 7 /////xvk81Ju65EqgT526IfMzIxLiCAwwA==
TEN8 8 /////39MZbMxQhnyD2+0XNqpFrsvr16TYA==
TEN9 9 /////7UI0nfZYmpZKDJfM3Gl72DluxSCiw==
DOT Dot /////4qsfICk+eUZ45a3BF71uIE=
TEN0 0 /////8bcaPBCUB2NHfdw0cQ1bdGWbNaYdw==
JUMP Jump /////33UJsCS0FS9eaOYq0ilAqs=
TENENTER Enter /////2cFqACpIbvkhzr8iCDqU1Q=
CHMINUS ChMinus /////6tABD8/bmDp/rame/StDvf7IZXF5w==
CHPLUS ChPlus /////8OzZP22JNjjTzXkGYwPVnuTUukxBw==

Checksum: 0c5cb7acaf86fd1e44c7c8bd8ceacafdecd455267ff77962


These files can be manually amended in note pad and then added to a PSP's memory card therefore I assume it is possible to make custome MVP/HD extender compatible file.


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