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SageTV Beta Test Software Discussion related to BETA Releases of the SageTV application produced by SageTV. Questions, issues, problems, suggestions, etc. regarding SageTV Beta Releases should be posted here.

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Old 09-30-2010, 08:00 PM
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Cool SageTV V7.0.18 Release Candidate 2 is Ready!

Howdy again all!

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR LINUX SERVER USERS: There's a bug in the STV included with the installer that will prevent clients from connecting successfully to a Linux server. Fortunately it can be fixed with a text editor easily. Just open up the STVs/SageTV7/SageTV7.xml file with a text editor and search for "202364" (no quotes). Delete that entire line and save the file. Then you'll be OK. We will be releasing an STV update as well with this fix in it. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

UPDATE: The STV update to fix the above issue is now available; see the post below this one. The Linux builds have also been updated as of 10:45AM PST Friday to include the fix as well.

Oh's (still) the Release Candidate stage. Getting close to being done with V7.0 now...estimating about 2 more weeks and then we'll be final. No more features will be added now, it's purely bug fixing going on. So if you have any bugs, please report them!

All of the high-level information on V7 can be found here:

Be sure to read the above post as it contains important information regarding upgrade pricing and new features

As always, report bugs you find here:

Here's the download links for V7.0.18:

SageTV for Windows

SageTVClient for Windows

SageTVPlaceshifter for Windows

SageTV for Windows Home Server

SageTV Media Center for Linux

SageTV Placeshifter for Linux

SageTV Media Center for Linux - Debian Package Installer

SageTV Placeshifter for Linux - Debian Package Installer

The release notes from version .16-.18 are below.

SageTV V7.0.18 RC2 9/30/2010

Core Updates
1. Added property "forced_mac_address" which can be used to set the MAC address that the server returns for queries which are used for WOL in the HD300. Useful if multiple NICs exist on the server.
2. Fixed bug where modified recording times for ManualRecords were not always properly linked to the temporary airing metadata (wouldn't cause recording issues, just incorrect results in API calls used by plugins)
3. Fixed bug where playing back a server's file on SageTVClient through the file browser when that file was not in the SageTV database caused an error.
4. When using SageTV's conversion feature to transcode a file, preserve any auxillary metadata from the original file in the newly created file. (this won't embed it in the file, but it will ensure it is in the SageTV database and also create the corresponding .properties file for the new file if necessary)
5. Added property "restart_after_standby_resume" which can be set to true on a SageTV server to force the SageTV process to automatically restart itself after resuming from standby. This is meant to be a workaround for the issue some users experience where SageTV can crash upon starting a recording after resuming from standby. The crash itself is in a Microsoft library and is due to an unknown cause which is why this workaround is being provided.
6. If a native format detection fails for an MPEG file that's currently downloading, then force a redo of it just like we do if the file is currently recording.
7. Fixed bug with not properly detecting interlaced video format in DV AVI files.
8. Enable frq file update checking, reload frq file if it's updated.
9. Fix DVB-S crash on PMT parsing. more than one PMT share one pid and two program share one pid.

Windows Updates
1. Enabled support for configuring both the DVB-S and DVB-T inputs on the HVR-4000 on Windows. Previously only one format or the other could be used.
2. Don't insert the Line21 CC decoder filter when playing back BluRay content on Windows as this causes issues on some systems.
3. Fixed bug on Vista/Win7 when Aero is enabled and switching between windows/fullscreen mode caused the whole UI to go black.
4. Give a channel a valid frequency even if we don't find a valid tune entry in frq file, because some tuner on Win 7 has a trouble if we don't make a valid tune request.
5. Added support for BluRay PCM Audio (this does not work for all BluRays yet, but it does for some)
6. Fixed support for Hauppauge HVR-930C
7. Fixes for DVBLogic support

Extender Updates
1. When playing back Matroska files with a DolbyTrueHD audio track on an HD300 that is not configured to perform HD audio output, select the non-HD audio track by default if there is one. Requires a new firmware for the HD300 that is not available yet; without that firmware it will just select the primary audio track like it currently does (or the preferred language track).
2. Fixed bug where native resolution switching would sometimes choose the wrong framerate for the content. For example, it would prefer 1080p24 over 1080p60 for content that was 1080p30.

Plugin System Updates
1. Modified when the ConflictStatusChanged plugin event was called so that it will only be called when the conflicts have actually changed. Not just when the icon for showing conflict status should be changed.
2. Modified when the RecordingScheduleChanged plugin event was called so that it will be called when the recording schedule is re-evaluated (but not necessarily changed), rather than being called at a minimum of every 5 minutes when the main recording management thread does its updates.

Studio/API Updates
1. Updated Utility API call UnloadImage so that it actually fully unloads the image resource rather than only unloading the Java images and clearing the cache file. This is the same technique used by the plugin system when a plugin install updates image files.

STV Updates
1. Fixed too-large inset for title text on OSD.
2. Fixed issue in Music folder browser using Separate mode where focus was not set correctly when browsing to the parent of the current folder.
3. Updated Left on some menus to jump directly to the Main Menu instead of issuing the Home command when it needs to return to the Main Menu.
4. Only shows start time for imported videos, not start time & end time.
5. Updated global Back listener to return to the custom STV when in custom STV mode and when there are no more menus in the menu back history.
6. Added Detailed Setup -> Multimedia option for "SageTV Window is Always On Top". Defaults to disabled and is available on Windows only.

SageTV V7.0.17 RC1 9/23/2010

Core Updates
1. Fixed bug when 'remove padding on back-to-back Favorites' was enabled and a Favorite was up against a ManualRecording, the ManualRecording could cause padding from the Favorite to be removed if there was an overlap even if the ManualRecording was not based on a Favorite.
2. Updated show redundancy check logic so that ShowIDs with the 'DT' prefix would not be considered unique by default. Without this change, certain shows would not have every episode recorded. Users that have EPG data with the 'DT' prefix will likely want to enable the advanced check for repeat airings in Detailed Setup->Customize as a result of this.
3. Disable EPG data scanning on DVB-S inputs by default. It can be re-enabled by setting the property "mmc/disable_dvbs_epg_data_scanning=false"
4. Added support for handling progressive download/playback of MPEG2-TS files (none are included in our standard set of online videos, but custom feeds may include these)
5. Fixed issue where if format detection failed we wouldn't retry it properly in some cases
6. Added property "ui/system_memory_2dimage_cache_scale" which is an integral scale factor applied to the image caches that use system memory on the PC to store decoded images. This defaults to 2. This was done to prevent blowing the image cache when 3D mode was disabled.
7. Added experimental property "fast_network_encoder_switch" which is capture-device specific. This will enable using seamless file transitions with network encoders. This is NOT officially supported and is intended mainly for 3rd party network encoders that wish to support this capability. It should however work with regular SageTV network encoders, however this has not been tested and is not supported.
8. Fixed power management code so that changes to its settings in the UI take effect immediately now
9. Fixed bug where halt detections in recordings could falsely occur if the user has modified the properties settings to use a very short detection window and also had a long post-tuning delay with the capture device.
10. Fixed bug with seamless file transitions where if multiple tuners were changing channels at the same time the transition could end up not being very seamless at all (the transition no longer requires certain synchronization locks, so it can happen without interruption now)
11. Fixed bug where we'd ignore directories during library scanning that started with a period on non-linux platforms. On Linux these are considered hidden directories, and therefore are ignored.
12. Added support for specifying the default audio language used for playback and also the default subtitle language (or no subtitles).
13. Fixed bug where the 'Signal Lost' message wouldn't always clear itself once the signal was regained.
14. Fixed bug where the setting for always starting playlist items from the beginning used a server-based configuration setting, but in the UI the setting was client-specific (the setting is now client-specific).
15. When transitioning between segments in a recorded file, re-run the file verification to ensure that the segment were moving to is valid.
16. Incremented database version (Wiz.bin from 7.0.17 is NOT backwards compatible with prior versions)
17. Fixed bug with transcoding of LATM wrapped AAC audio (listed as a bug with HE-AAC audio)
18. Fixed bug with Matroska format detection where if no 'title' metadata was specified for the whole file we would use the 'title' metadata from the first track as the title for the whole file. Fixed bug in Matroska format detection where it wouldn't properly identify DTS-HD/MA audio tracks (they would still playback as DTS-HD/MA on the media extender though).
19. Updated DVB frequencies for Belgium-telenet.

Windows Updates
1. Fixed bug where the volume in the DirectShow media player could get reset if the player loading exited early due to an error.
2. Fixed bug where using two monitors of different aspect ratios where one had a larger height than the other and then the other had a larger width, and then moving the SageTV Windows between them would cause a black bar to appear on one side of the window depending upon how the screen sizes differed.
3. On Windows Vista/7 use the platform style window by default now instead of our fake WinXP style window borders
4. Fixed bug where using the platform style window title bar would cause transitioning to full screen to not work properly.
5. Added registry setting "HKLM\Software\Frey Technologies\Common\DSFilters\MpegDeMux\EnableHDAudio" which is zero by default, and will then cause DolbyTrueHD and DTS-HD/MA to be output as AC3 or DTS respectively (the core streams). There is a UI setting to enable HD audio output instead.
6. Fixed crash when playing .dts files
7. Fixed issue on Vista/Win7 where analog recordings could sometimes have a weird echo in them from recording multiple audio tracks at once.
8. Disabled synchronization of capture device teardown between different graphs unless a PVR350 TV-out is in use (that's the reason it's synced). This should fix the issue with SageTV crashing on some systems after resuming from standby and starting a recording.

Extender Updates
1. Fixed failure in extender DVD playback where seeking at certain times related to when a DVD menu would show would cause playback to stop.
2. Fixed bug in media extender playback where selecting a DVB subpicture track individually would not properly enable it, it would only do it properly if toggling on subpictures.
3. Fixed bug with extender DVD playback where the audio would sometimes be lost in the DVD menus

Placeshifter Updates
1. Fixed bug in placeshifter when playing back an audio-only TV file (from a radio channel) would cause the video area to not be cleared properly and latent UI rendering would occur.

Studio/API Updates
1. Added internal definition for java.lang.Class.forName when used through the SageTV API in the Studio. This is done so that it uses our internal class loader. This will resolve issues with STVI plugins that use that call to access JAR files that were just installed and are not part of the standard classpath yet (they would be after a restart of SageTV though).
2. Fixed bug where getting the airing start/stop/duration times for manual recordings in certain STV hooks would give the schedule times instead.
3. Added Configuration API calls GetSubpicAudioLanguageOptions, Set/GetDefaultAudioLanguage, Set/GetDefaultSubpicLanguage which are used for configuring the default audio language and default subpicture language.
4. Added checks in Add/UpdateFavorite API calls so that Favorites are not created that match every single Airing. This would occur if all the values passed in were false/null.
5. Add SeriesInfo API calls GetSeriesInfoProperty(SeriesInfo, Name, Value) and GetSeriesInfoProperty(SeriesInfo, Name) which allow for setting arbitrary name-value properties in SeriesInfo object for plugin cusomization.
6. Added SeriesInfo API call "AddSeriesInfo"
7. Added new API for UserRecords which allow developers to store custom data inside the SageTV database using a 'store' namespace, 'key's to index records and then name-value pairs within those records.

Plugin System Updates
1. Added support for the <ServerOnly> tag specification in plugin manifests. This can be set to true to indicate a plugin should not be allowed to be installed on SageTVClient.

STV Updates
1. Hidden: Can use numbers 1-0 to jump to % position in list for TV Show Editorials menu.
2. Created base translation file for the SageTV7 STV:
3. Hidden: Can send "ViewNumber" to a malore menu via AddStaticContext() in order to specify which view is to be shown. If not used, then the last-used view will be shown.
4. When using Pause to change the NTE mode, accept the currently entered value before changing the mode.
5. Added Detailed Setup -> Video/Audio -> HD Audio Output option for Windows systems. The option controls whether to output DolbyTrueHD or DTS-HD/MA streams when present (enabled) or to output AC3 or DTS streams (disabled/default).
6. Added Detailed Setup -> Customize -> Power Management settings option for "Idle timeout", to control how long SageTV can be idle with no user input or video playback before allowing the operating system's settings for going into standby to take over. Default: 2 minutes
7. Removed Detailed Setup -> Customize -> Power Management settings option for "Status check frequency", since it shouldn't need to be changed.
8. Don't call Fork() before opening the "Preparing to start playback" dialog, otherwise it is possible to attempt multiple playback starts.
9. While loading the STV: either save the Custom STV mode variables via properties if those global values exist, or restore the saved values if the properties exist & the global values do not.
10. Hidden: Fixed "Premieres, Finales, Specials" malore menu to perform its forced duplicate filter after other filters have been applied. Also disabled the "Remove Duplicate Airings" option for this menu since duplicates are always removed.
11. Hidden: Stopped filtering empty items from the malore Program Guide menus, other than "No Data" entries.
12. Updated info in the Setup -> Help -> View TV Indicators and Markers dialog.
13. Updated info in the Setup -> Help -> View Menu Header Information dialog.
14. Updated HD300 recommended firmware version to "20100909 0".
15. Hidden: Changed Detailed Setup -> Customize option for Custom Menus to 'Add links to malore's custom menus on the Main Menu'; controls whether any malore menu items are added to the Main Menu, not just the Custom Menus submenu.
16. Updated MR/Fav/Other filters to match how the other status filters work: Ignore the filter, filter to Include, or filter to exclude.
17. Hidden: Added malore menu option to group by past, present, and future airings. This grouping option is most useful when using the malore menus for Future & Past Airings, i.e.: when the "Custom Additional Airings" option is enabled.
18. Can use Info to jump to the editorial's details on the TV Show Editorials menu.
19. Can use Info to close photo info dialog.
20. Added Detailed Setup -> Multimedia options to set "Default Audio Language" and "Default Subtitle Language".

SageTV V7.0.16 Beta 9/2/2010

Core Updates
1. When deleting a file in SageTV; if there is a corresponding .properties file for that MediaFile, delete it as well. (since we now will create those when users modify categories/ratings, we need to clean them up when deleting files)
2. Added property "irtune_prefix_extra_delay" which can be set on the server to indicate the delay that should occur after sending the prefix command for a channel change but before the actual channel digits. Useful for waking up sleeping set-top-boxes before a channel change is done.
3. Fixed issue with scheduler where the first couple minutes of a Favorite recording could be missed if the prior airing was a Favorite and had stop padding on it. The scheduler would originally have put the recording at a later time where this wouldn't occur; but then after the stop padding ended it would start it up. Now it will retain the schedule in that format and not make a last second adjustment causing loss of the first few minutes.
4. Added .dts and .mka to the list of supported audio file formats (they already worked, but weren't included by default)
5. When requesting a new Manual Recording that would conflict with existing manual recordings; only prompt about cancelling existing recordings that could actually end up resolving the conflict. Previously; if different tuners had mutually exclusive channel lineups, it would still prompt to cancel recordings on those other tuners even though doing so could not possibly resolve the conflict.
6. Fixed bug where playing a playlist or group of videos that required parental control checking for any of the content (aside from the first file) would hang when that content was reached. We now do a parental controls check on an entire playlist before starting it. (if a playlist is modified during playback to add items that would exceed the parental limit, and it didn't get initial parental approval, playback will fail w/ a parental warning when those items are encountered)
7. Fixed bug where text-based subtitles would sometimes change their font size when bringing up the OSD during video playback.
8. Fixed bug in layout system where x/y padding was applied around items even if they were zero size.
9. update Norway-Oslo frq.
10. Added property "enable_bluray_metadata_extraction" which defaults to true; and can be set to false to disable extracting title and thumbnail information that is included in some BluRays.
11. Added support for TX3G subs that are embedded in MP4 files
12. Fixed format detection issues with MPEG-2Video R5000 recordings and some HDPVR recordings when watching live TV.
13. Fixed bug: the QAM stream carring DVB-C PSI ( in Lubbock TX ) scews up channel information during channel scanning.

Windows Updates
1. On Vista/Win7 when doing an EPG data scan on a digital tuner; always set an initial channel because this is required sometimes by DirectShow on those operating systems.
2. Use the WindowsMedia Video Decoder DMO by default for VC1 video playback in DirectShow unless another decoder has been configured for it
3. When playing back non-MPEG files with DirectShow, use the configured MPEG Audio Decoder if the file has AC3 content. (since we use the same decoder for TV recordings with AC3 audio)
4. Fixed bug where trying to resize the window in certain ways would cause the mouse pointer to no longer be aligned with the window bounds.
5. Added potential fix for a bug where SageTV crashes when starting a new recording after resuming from standby. (we can't reproduce this, so we can't verify the fix)
6. Fixed bug where digital TV tuner setup on Windows 7 may give an error the first time it is performed (regression fix from 7.0.14)
7. Added support for WVC1 decoders
8. Added support for LPCM audio in the stream demux
9. Fixed bug where trying to seek beyond the end of an online video being downloaded would hang the media player
10. Fix DVB-T DVB-S tuners support broken in V7.
11. Added support for DVBLogic tuning devices
12. Support 8 port DiSEqC switch

Extender Updates
1. Fixed issue with playback of HDPVR recordings on media extenders when the HDPVR recording had invalid timestamps at the beginning of the file due to an issue with the HDPVR.
2. Added IDR alignment when seeking in MPEG2-TS files with H264 video. This will allow playback to resume a little quicker when skipping around HDPVR recordings on media extenders.
3. Fixed bug where DVD subtitles embedded in MKV files sometimes had an extra null byte after the init header which needed to be skipped

Placeshifter Updates
1. Added image width x height information to resource strings used for uniquely identifying cached image resources in the placeshifter so the cache can retain copies at different sizes.
2. Added offline cache cleanup to the placeshifter clients. They have always stored compressed images in the filesystem for later retrieval, but this cache was never cleared in any way. It now enforces the 100MB limit on that cache and will clear items out when it gets too big.

Studio/API Updates
1. Updated RequestToExceedParentalRestrictions hook so that the first argument can be a Playlist as well as an Airing. This is needed since we now to a parental controls check on an entire playlist before starting it. (if a playlist is modified during playback to add items that would exceed the parental limit, and it didn't get initial parental approval, playback will fail w/ a parental warning when those items are encountered)
2. In the Studio view for Debug UI Components; so an orange indicator in the bottom right corner of a Widget's icon if that Widget's properties are controlled by a Theme. (right-clicking in that view on the Widget will then show the 'Highlight Themed Widget Source' button as previously; but now there's an indicator to show that w/out having to open the context menu)
3. Extended EPGDBPublic interface to include a new method addSeriesInfoPublic(int seriesID, String title, String network, String description, String history, String, premiereDate, String finaleDate, String airDOW, String airHrMin, String imageURL, String[] people, String[] characters) to allow plugins to add additional series information to the SageTV database.
4. Add '.id' metadata for GetMediaFileMetadata for audio, video and subpicture streams. This will return the PID for that stream if it is defined.
5. Disable 'Save As...' functionality in the Studio when plugin imports are active; as saving this way and reloading would then cause the STVI plugins to be imported multiple times. You can still use 'Save A Copy As...' though.
6. Added new option to Database API call FilterByMethod if the method is specified to be "UserCategories". It can then take a comma delimited list of categories to filter against which will apply to the Show Category/Subcategory and also to any UserCategory properties set on the corresponding ManualRecord/Favorite/MediaFile linked to the filtered object.
7. Updated MediaPlayer API calls StartPlaylist and StartPlaylistAt so they have a return value. The return value is similar to that of the Watch API calls; however for starting playlists, the only possible error case is if it fails the parental control check.
8. Add SeriesInfo API calls GetSeriesID(SeriesInfo) and GetSeriesInfoForID(SeriesID)
9. Fixed bug where having preload_expression_cache=true set would cause the initial Widget view in the Studio to not include items from plugin imports.

Plugin System Updates
1. Added support for automatically converting imported files to TV recordings if their external ID also starts with "IE" or "IM" (requested by plugin developers)
2. Do not allow setting the ExternalID for a MediaFile to be the null/empty string as this can cause data cross-linking.
3. Added new plugin event "RecordingSegmentAdded" with a single MediaFile parameter. This will be called if an active recording stop recording to one file and starts recording to a new one; either due to file size limitations of the filesystem or due to a halt detection where the encoder stopped working and SageTV is trying to reset it.
4. The 'MI' and 'IE' prefixes for Show ExternalIDs are now allowed when trying to determine the series information for a given Show. Previously; only the 'SH' and 'EP' prefixes would allow linkage with series information data.
5. When sending events to plugins; use an un-modifiable map so plugins don't do bad things to the items in the map before other plugins get the map.

STV Updates
1. Fixed issue where some music items were not getting their focus status cleared when they lost focus.
2. Make sure 'ResultsIndex' is not null on the "Online Video Search Results" menu.
3. Make sure online video properties files are loaded in the Main Menu, but don't force a reload.
4. After downloading new online video properties files, force a reload of those properties files.
5. Perform Category + User Category filtering via FilterByMethod()'s new "UserCategories" method instead of via STV code. Removed STV-based category filtering code.
6. Hidden: Fixed channel number sort for malore menu left pane.
7. Updated version upgrade check to track last-checked times for software & extenders separately.
8. Updated calls to StartPlaylist() and StartPlaylistAt() for video playlists to check return values to fix issue when playing playlists that exceed parental restrictions.
9. Updated RequestToExceedParentalRestrictions hook to handle new first parameter of 'AiringOrPlaylist' instead of 'Airing'.
10. Added checks to distinguish between HD200 & HD300 where needed and added HD300 checks for recommended firmware version and check for availability of new firmware.
11. Hidden: Added channel filter for malore menus; removed old movies-only channel filter.
12. Plugin list: When viewing installed plugins, added slide-out option to uninstall all plugins, with double confirmation.
13. Added option to view hidden files/dirs in file browser menu, file browser dialog, and folder browser dialog.
14. Added once-per-day check for new installer & firmware version upgrades after jumping to the Main Menu. If an upgrade is available, a System Message is generated.
15. Added options in Detailed Setup -> Advanced to configure whether 'Automatic Update Checks' are performed.
16. Fixed item on Main Menu so it will work the first time it is selected.
17. Added ability to append or remove categories when editing user categories for multiple TV items.
18. Added ability to append or remove categories when editing categories for multiple imported videos.
19. Check for & handle video link in a podcast feed.
20. Can specify a path when selecting a destination folder for video conversion.
21. When editing video categories or TV user categories, can use Delete to remove user-added category names. If the category name is still in use, it will still remain listed after the deletion.
22. Right-hand airing info: added year to 'Aired On' line and added 'Original Airing Date'.
23. Removed Main Menu's Online -> Google Videos link. (It is still available in the Online Services menu.)
24. Hidden: Can use numbers 1-0 to jump to % position in list for SageTV Recordings, Search Results, Interleaved & By Day Recording Schedule, Favorites Manager, and Browse by Category menus.
25. Hidden: Don't include channel previews when updating the Disk Space Bar.
26. Added Web Shows to the Online Services menu.
27. Updated GeekBrief.TV podcast feed to the GeekBeat.TV feed.
28. Download online video updates from 7/7_0_15 folder.
29. Fixed SageTV Recordings subgroup menu to correctly handle the new recording view settings.
30. Hidden: Fixed use of multiple user category filters in malore menus.
31. Added option to set the number of views on the SageTV Recordings menu, value can range from 4 to 8; default: 4.
32. Hidden: Set max # of malore menu views to 8. If reducing view count, change to max view if current view no longer available.
33. Combined Category and User Category selection dialogs and merged category filters to process the overall category + user category lists at the same time.
Jeffrey Kardatzke
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Old 09-30-2010, 09:29 PM
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The following downloadable STV update is available for v7.0.18, fixing the Linux issue mentioned at the top of the release notes, above.

New STV version:, file set 2010093002
  1. Only call the API function to activate the Windows Always on Top setting at startup if on Windows & not using a remote client.

You can either wait for the system message telling you the update is available or get it at Detailed Setup -> Advanced -> Check for STV Update.

Based on testing earlier in the v7 beta, the downloadable STV updates should work on Windows Vista & 7 even when UAC is enabled, so a manual download & installation of this update should not be needed.

Note: Because of the Linux issue where the client UI may not even start, the update can be manually installed as follows:
  1. Download the update file:

  2. Make backup copies of this file: SageTV7.xml, found in <SageTV install path>\SageTV\STVs\SageTV7

  3. Unzip the file to your SageTV install directory where SageTV.exe is located, making sure to preserve the zip file's directory structure. This will overwrite SageTV7.xml in <SageTV install path>\SageTV\STVs\SageTV7.

  4. Restart SageTV or reload the default STV (SageTV7.xml) in the SageTV UI at Detailed Setup -> Advanced.

The STV version will be listed in System Information as v7.0.18.1.

- Andy
SageTV Open Source v9 is available.
- Read the SageTV FAQ. Older PDF User's Guides mostly still apply: SageTV V7.0 & SageTV Studio v7.1.
- Hauppauge remote help: 1) Basics/Extending it 2) Replace it 3) Use it w/o needing focus
- HD Extenders: A) FAQs B) URC MX-700 remote setup
Note: This is a users' forum; see the Rules. For official tech support fill out a Support Request.
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This file update fixes some issues playing BluRay LPCM audio:

To use the file:
  • Exit SageTV
  • Make a backup copy of the existing file in your SageTV installation folder's "Common" subfolder.
  • Copy the new file to replace the original.
  • Restart SageTV
- Andy
SageTV Open Source v9 is available.
- Read the SageTV FAQ. Older PDF User's Guides mostly still apply: SageTV V7.0 & SageTV Studio v7.1.
- Hauppauge remote help: 1) Basics/Extending it 2) Replace it 3) Use it w/o needing focus
- HD Extenders: A) FAQs B) URC MX-700 remote setup
Note: This is a users' forum; see the Rules. For official tech support fill out a Support Request.
Old 10-04-2010, 01:40 PM
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This file update fixes some digital tuning issues:

File version:

To use the file:
  • Exit SageTV
  • Make a backup copy of the existing DShowCapture.dll file in your SageTV installation folder where sagetv.exe is located.
  • Copy the new DShowCapture.dll file to replace the original.
  • Restart SageTV
- Andy
SageTV Open Source v9 is available.
- Read the SageTV FAQ. Older PDF User's Guides mostly still apply: SageTV V7.0 & SageTV Studio v7.1.
- Hauppauge remote help: 1) Basics/Extending it 2) Replace it 3) Use it w/o needing focus
- HD Extenders: A) FAQs B) URC MX-700 remote setup
Note: This is a users' forum; see the Rules. For official tech support fill out a Support Request.
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SageTV Release Candidate V6.5.8 is Here! (& v6.5.9 release) Narflex SageTV Beta Test Software 1 02-03-2009 04:10 PM
SageTV V6.4.6 Release Candidate is Here! Narflex SageTV Beta Test Software 1 07-31-2008 05:20 PM
SageTV V6.2.7 Release Candidate is ready! Narflex SageTV Beta Test Software 1 08-29-2007 09:45 PM
SageTV V6.2.6 Release Candidate is Ready! Narflex SageTV Beta Test Software 3 08-25-2007 11:00 PM

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