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  1. bellyman
    10-22-2011 01:20 PM
    Aloha MeInMaui

    This regards
    and I cannot find the feature.

    Couple of MVP boxes, worked with this feature. However, one box didn't and I decided to investigate why. Under the SageTV setup that a certain plugin wasn't loaded. I rebuilt and had a connection problem with one box - pulled the plug (reloads a new build into MVP) and now not even the box that was working prior will work.

    Where I am right now:
    a) I get the bit AGAIN - this feature is NOT a plugin and NOT setup under SageTV setup.
    b) I am running SageMC STV 6.3.9a (sagemc.jar 6.3.8) - you stated in this thread the feature was added at 6.3.8 of MC.

    I believe EACH BOX under SageMC needs to have this feature turned on - somehow. But the question is WHERE? I cannot see Jump% anywhere! Can you please assist me? Is it under a SAGEMC Setup option or other screen?

  2. dballer1
    01-11-2010 01:16 PM
    I would like to develop an exchange calendar plugin and would think it made sense to plug it into your calendar api. Do you have any docs/source on how to use the calendar.jar file? BTW Im a .NET programmer so excuse my java ignorance
  3. Technophobe
    12-16-2009 09:12 PM
    There is a bug that has not worked in 3 years or been fixed.

    In the "MY VIDEO" section:
    When looking at the complete video list there is an option to right click on any given movie and select "SET WATCHED" that option have never worked in years. Could you please fix it?
  4. mcbrems
    10-28-2009 12:36 PM

    Sorry to bug you, but the link to the full SageMC install is definitely broken:

  5. tdrakehi
    12-06-2008 04:13 PM
    So where in Maui are you, exactly??
  6. Ted@TNT
    11-25-2008 05:02 PM

    I'm switching cableTV systems tomorrow - going to Fios. I'm guessing that I can just go back through the ExeMultiTuner instructions to set up the boxes. Are you aware of anything special I'd need to do?

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Touchscreen Controls for SageMC v1.3 : This import adds a control bar to SageMC intended to provide touchscreen users with access to some necessary controls. Minimum Requirements Java v1.6 or higher SageTV v6.4.1 or higher SageMC 02-26-2008 1,026
Glassy Show Icons v1.3 : This download contains a complete set of glassy show icons and encoder markers for SageMC. Highlights include: 1. The set includes large icons for HD resolutions and small icons for SD resoluti 06-28-2006 4,603
Color Coded Guide Bars v1.2 : This download includes three sets of color coded guide bars for SageMC: The original dark set, a bright set, and a glassy set. All versions in the download include highlighted bars for shows now pl 07-02-2006 1,901
billiardball_showicons_v1.1 : These are round "billiard ball" replacement icons for the default Show Icons and Encoder Markers in SageMC. To install, unzip the file into your SageTV directory. The Encoder Markers will overwrite 06-04-2006 1,117
Glassy Selection Bars v1.1 : This download contains glassy selection bars for SageMC in several designer colors. :) The following colors are available: Clear Blue Green Red Purple Magenta Gold Orange Bright Orange 07-21-2006 1,601
Color Genre Icons v1.1 : This download contains Color Genre Icons for SageMC. As of SageMC v6.10, there is an alias properties file in the GenreIcons folder that allows mapping of icons to other variations of the genre name. 09-01-2006 1,926
Blue Genre Icons v1.1 : This download contains blue Genre Icons for SageMC. These icons are otherwise identical to the Color Genre Icons. As of SageMC v6.10, there is an alias properties file in the GenreIcons folder that al 09-11-2006 1,416
Glassy Show Icons Squared v1.0 : This download contains a complete set of square glassy show icons and encoder markers for SageMC. Highlights include: 1. The set includes large icons for HD resolutions and small icons for SD r 09-29-2006 1,382
SageMC16x9 for SageTV 6.x (Build v6.3.9a) : The latest SageMC16x9 STV development version, updated 8/1/2009. Note: this version will only work with Java 1.6 and SageTV 6.x. If you need SageMC for SageTV 5.x, download the version 6.13a he 10-21-2006 12,687
SageMC16x9 Version 6.x Full Install Package : The latest full SageMC16x9 6.3.9a installation package, released 8/1/2009. Note: this STV will only work with Java 1.6 and SageTV 6.x Forum thread: here Installation: shut down the Sag 11-17-2006 32,123
Firewire Channel Change + ExeMultiTuner (rev 1.02) : These instructions describe a method for setting up channel changing on multiple Set Top Boxes (STB's) via firewire using the ExeMultiTuner plugin. This is intended for those who wish to capture the a 01-24-2007 5,412
Google Calendar for SageMC v0.5 (10/2/2007) : This STV Import for SageMC provides a front-end interface to your Google Calendar account from within SageTV. Requirements: SageTV v6.2+, Java 1.6 or higher, SageMC v6.3.4+ Installation: 1. Un 04-17-2007 1,992
Liquid Theme v2.1 for SageMC v6.3.5+ (10/2/2007) : This is a reworking of the original Liquid Theme. It now requires SageMC v6.3.5+ Installation Unzip the file to your ...\SageTV folder, being sure to preserve the file structure. This will place 03-31-2007 2,403
Liquid Theme Alternate Graphics v1.3 : This download includes alternate backgrounds, selected show icons, selection bars in several colors, and selected main menu icons for use with the Liquid Theme for SageMC. Enjoy! Aloha, Mike v1 04-05-2007 1,377
Toolbar For SageMC v1.3 (10/17/08) : At least SageTV v6.3, Java v1.6, and SageMC v6.3.8 are required This import adds a toolbar to the top of the screen for SageMC, providing enhanced mouse support. The toolbar is normally hidden and 04-15-2007 2,440
Multispeed Continuous FF/REW v1.01 for SageMC : IMPORTANT: This plugin has been incorporated into SageMC v6.3.6 and later. This import has been deprecated. This plugin is a SageMC port of nielm’s Multispeed Continuous FF/REW import. Requiremen 12-04-2007 831

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