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SageMC Custom Interface This forum is for discussing the user-created SageMC custom interface for SageTV.

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Old 03-06-2009, 03:44 PM
toony toony is offline
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Does SageMC handle music album art differently than SageTv?

From a thread in SageTV software Opus suggested I ask this here,

I have been learning how Sage works with album art, Opus dirrected me to pg 83 of the manual it states:

Album Thumbnails
SageTV can load thumbnail images to represent albums. For each album, SageTV will look for
its accompanying thumbnail image by checking for album art associated with the songs on the
album. The thumbnails are considered to be album art, not song art, so the first song on the
album that is found to have art will have its art used for every song on the album. The images
may be associated with the album in one of three ways; they may be: 1) embedded in the MP3
files; 2) stored as a separate file with the same song file name, but with an extension of .gif, .png,
.jpg, .jpeg, or .jpe.; or 3) stored as a separate file in the same location as the music file, named
folder.jpg (or .gif, .png, .jpeg, or .jpe).
Remember that thumbnail image files are also imported into the Photo Browser, if a parent
directory of the file’s location is also configured to import pictures. To prevent this, you could
set the Import Library Directory to only import Music files (see Media Center Import
Directories, in Detailed Setup: General Settings), or you could set each image file’s “Hidden”
attribute. (Right click on the image file in Windows Explorer, select Properties, then check the
box next to Hidden.)

Does SageMc work differently? I thought I saw something that SageMc grabs the artwork from online?

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Old 10-08-2009, 03:46 PM
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Did you get an answer? I'm interested in knowing too!
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Old 10-13-2009, 01:51 AM
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Originally Posted by toony View Post
Does SageMc work differently? I thought I saw something that SageMc grabs the artwork from online?
So far as I'm aware from a casual read (I've not used the default stv for more than about 1/2 and hour years ago) it's the same. I just put a folder.jpg file into each album directory and it works without a problem.

As far as auto downloading album art goes, there's no default feature to do this that I'm aware of. I believe that it's possible to have fanart displayed somehow but I've not investigated this further as it doesn't realy appeal.

If you use some third party application to manage your music library such as MS Media Player you can have it download and update album art (to a point).

I generally find that the easiest way to locate album art is to do a quick google or bing image search (they're pretty much on par) select the best fit (about 300x300 is generally good enough for me) and save it as folder.jpg alongside the files.

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