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SageTV Github Development Discussion related to SageTV Open Source Development. Use this forum for development topics about the Open Source versions of SageTV, hosted on Github.

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Old 08-23-2022, 05:45 PM
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Originally Posted by jvl711 View Post
Hi Egeller,

I am actually maintaining both projects (SageTVTranscoder, MediaFormatDetector). I am looking at rearchitecting the build of MediaFormatDetector to more easily support cross compiling. I am really not a C programmer, so this may take me a while, and I could possibly get stuck.

I am surprised you are having issues with SageTVTranscoder detecting media formats. I did try my best to make it compatible. While I still prefer the way I am detecting formats in MediaFormat, the SageTVTranscoder should work...

Thanks for the update.

To be clear, when I have the SageTVTranscoder installed, and use the default media detector I have the issues with format detection.

However, my problem may be of my own doing. As I type this I remembered that I may be forcing SageTV to use the external detector in all cases. If I did not do that, maybe it would not try to use the new FFMPEG with the default detector. It seems that is where the problem is. I will need to investigate what my settings are.
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Old 09-06-2022, 02:51 PM
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For those using Linux! I have a working prototype build completed. I am working on cleaning it up and automating the build. Once that is complete I will roll it out for testing.

Projects I am currently maintaining
SageTV Andoid Client
Media Format Parser Plugin

If you like the work I am doing and would like to support it you can become a Patreon member.
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Old 09-07-2022, 03:27 PM
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Not Compatible!

Hi. I've been trying to install the Media Format Parser Plugin Windows x64, but both it and the x32 version show as 'Not Compatible' in the plugins download area.

Is it because my Software Version is
'SageTV V9.2.1.919 (64-bit)'

My current STV file is: SageTV7.xml (Version March 10, 2012, Name: SageTV7)

And if V9.2.1.919 is indeed my installed version, do I have to upgrade in steps to 9.2.6, or can you just do it in one jump.

I tried to install 9.2.2, but the installer noted in the log: 'can't install older version over newer version', which would indicate I'm running 9.2.6
So I did a 'Repair' on 9.2.6, which was 'Successful'.

Still can't get the Media Format plugin to read anything but 'Not Compatible'
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Old 01-22-2023, 10:47 PM
peternm22 peternm22 is offline
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I've been trying out this plugin again, and every single one of my media files has an error when the plugin tries to process it:

Sun 1/22 20:44:09.637 [LibraryImporter@1573ad7] Reimporting metadata for mediafile because it changed:MediaFile[id=37046267 A[37697780,37046268,"Amaze-Dolby-thedigitaltheater",0@0715.18:18,1,V] mask=V host=Ryzen encodedBy= format=Quicktime 0:01:03 5037 kbps [#0 Video[H.264 24.0 fps 1920x1080 16:9 4395 kbps progressive]#1 Audio[AC3 48000 Hz 2 channels 640 kbps idx=1 und]{SeriesInfoID=2191468}] F:\Sage\Permanent Imports\Amaze-Dolby-thedigitaltheater.mp4, Seg0[Sat 7/15 18:18:09.898-Sat 7/15 18:19:13.448]]
Sun 1/22 20:44:09.637 [LibraryImporter@1573ad7] Using the format detector plugin
Sun 1/22 20:44:09.638 [LibraryImporter@1573ad7] MediaFormatParserPlugin processing: F:\Sage\Permanent Imports\Amaze-Dolby-thedigitaltheater.mp4
Sun 1/22 20:44:09.638 [LibraryImporter@1573ad7] There was an unhandled exception processing the file: Amaze-Dolby-thedigitaltheater.mp4 jvl.FFmpeg.jni.AVFormatContext.allocateContext()J
Sun 1/22 20:44:09.638 [LibraryImporter@1573ad7] java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: jvl.FFmpeg.jni.AVFormatContext.allocateContext()J
Sun 1/22 20:44:09.638 [LibraryImporter@1573ad7] at jvl.FFmpeg.jni.AVFormatContext.allocateContext(Native Method)
Sun 1/22 20:44:09.638 [LibraryImporter@1573ad7] at jvl.FFmpeg.jni.AVFormatContext.buildAVFormatInputContext(
Sun 1/22 20:44:09.638 [LibraryImporter@1573ad7] at jvl.mediaformat.MediaFormatParserPlugin.parseFormat(
Sun 1/22 20:44:09.638 [LibraryImporter@1573ad7] at
Sun 1/22 20:44:09.638 [LibraryImporter@1573ad7] at sage.MediaFile.reinitializeMetadata(
Sun 1/22 20:44:09.638 [LibraryImporter@1573ad7] at sage.Seeker.checkForDataReimport(
Sun 1/22 20:44:09.638 [LibraryImporter@1573ad7] at sage.Seeker.importLibraryFiles(
Sun 1/22 20:44:09.638 [LibraryImporter@1573ad7] at sage.Seeker.importLibraryFiles(
Sun 1/22 20:44:09.638 [LibraryImporter@1573ad7] at sage.Seeker.access$700(
Sun 1/22 20:44:09.639 [LibraryImporter@1573ad7] at sage.Seeker$
Sun 1/22 20:44:09.639 [LibraryImporter@1573ad7] at sage.Pooler$
Sun 1/22 20:44:09.639 [LibraryImporter@1573ad7] MediaFormatParserPlugin processing complete: F:\Sage\Permanent Imports\Amaze-Dolby-thedigitaltheater.mp4
Sun 1/22 20:44:09.639 [LibraryImporter@1573ad7] Now using external format detector for: F:\Sage\Permanent Imports\Amaze-Dolby-thedigitaltheater.mp4
I see another user (trk2) had a similar problem a few years ago, and it seems like it was fixed by an updated DLL. I would have assumed that DLL would be in the latest release of the plugin?

I installed the 32 bit version of the plugin from the plugin manager. Running Windows 10 and SageTV 9.2.4 (32 bit). Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

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