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SageTV Linux Discussion related to the SageTV Media Center for Linux. Questions, issues, problems, suggestions, etc. relating to the SageTV Linux should be posted here.

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Old 10-03-2021, 11:56 AM
Galaxysurfer Galaxysurfer is offline
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Location: Calgary, AB CANADA
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errors in recording

With my linux server I am getting a fair amount of conflict during recording & a partial recording was saved error. I don't understand why this is happening. Is this due to stability & strength of antenna signal? I have enough tuners that it should just make a new recording. Am I misunderstanding how sagetv was designed & operates as well? Please advise so I can fix this issue & stop it from continuing to happen.

Frustated sagetv diehard


SageTV V9.2.5.168 (64 bit)
openjdk version "11.0.12"
Linux Debian 10.10 Buster
Linux kernel 5.10.0-08

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Old 10-20-2021, 03:37 AM
Galaxysurfer Galaxysurfer is offline
Sage Aficionado
Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Calgary, AB CANADA
Posts: 396
Found this thread about conflicts

Is there any way to narrow down the reason for conflicts aka signal issue or multiple tuners trying to record same show etc?

I think if signal drops out doesnt sagetv start a new tuner instance to record a show resulting in more than one tuner recording. This results in partial files since it thinks you don't want more than one instance of recording same show. Is this a correct assessment of how Sagetv is running?

This is frustrating to suss out & fix. I know I need to get a new more powerful antenna. Situation was created due to weakened signal post channel freq reassignment. It just isn't in the cards for me during current global situation.

What can I do to fine tune Sagetv to deal with this situation for now?
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