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SageTV Github Development Discussion related to SageTV Open Source Development. Use this forum for development topics about the Open Source versions of SageTV, hosted on Github.

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Old 01-25-2022, 09:40 PM
hvymetal hvymetal is offline
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Forcing EPG update on only one lineup

I'm really close to bringing PultoTV native to SageTV by using OpenDCT and Streamlink(No commercial lockups ). The guide data is provided by the XMLTV plugin which I updated. Guide data is created from Docker that was created for ChannelDVR ( I have one issue I need to resolve. I need to force the EPG to update every 2 hours as PlutoTV only provides 8 hours ahead. I do not want to force all lineups to be updated just the PlutoTV. Forcing all lineups....especially SD would result in DOS. Does any one know an automated way to force a single lineup? Below is what I found so far.

1. Manually remove/add in channel setup all in one step and then exit it will trigger an EPG update.
2. Installing the Web Server Plugin by Nielm. This force an update on all the lineups. This is achieve by adding and removing a channel on all lineups
if ( SageApi.Size(AllInputs)> 0){
Map<?, ?> LineupMap = (Map<?, ?>)SageApi.Api("GroupByMethod",
		new Object[]{AllInputs, "GetLineupForCaptureDeviceInput"});
Set<?> Lineups=LineupMap.keySet();
Iterator<?> it=Lineups.iterator();
	out.println("<p>Forcing update on lineup: "+Lineup.toString()+"</p>");
	Object AllChannels = SageApi.Api("GetChannelsOnLineup",Lineup);
	Object Channel=SageApi.GetElement(AllChannels,0);
	Object ChannelNumbers = SageApi.Api("GetChannelNumbersForLineup",new Object[]{Channel, Lineup});
	Object Number=SageApi.GetElement(ChannelNumbers,0);
	boolean viewable=SageApi.booleanApi("IsChannelViewableOnNumberOnLineup",new Object[]{Channel, Number, Lineup});
	// out.println("<p>Toggling viewable for channel number: "+Number.toString()+"</p>");
	SageApi.Api("SetChannelViewabilityForChannelNumberOnLineup",new Object[]{Channel, Number, Lineup, new Boolean(!viewable)});
	SageApi.Api("SetChannelViewabilityForChannelNumberOnLineup",new Object[]{Channel, Number, Lineup, new Boolean(viewable)});
// the following probably commits the changes and triggers an EPG update
3. Modify epg_data_sources/#####/expanded_until entry in the This requires SageTV server stopped before modification and restarted. Not sure if Sage Server reads these values all the time. It might be possible to use the SageAPI to rewrite the value once EPG update is done from the XMLTV plugin. If they are read all the time the XMLTV plugin could detect that it finished an update then change the values so it forces SageTV server to update on the next time.


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Old 01-26-2022, 10:10 AM
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graywolf graywolf is offline
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Could you just "copy/modify" option 2 so it just does the 1 lineup you want, then have that scheduled to execute every 2 hrs?

<not a java programmer>
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Old 01-26-2022, 01:06 PM
hvymetal hvymetal is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2007
Posts: 162
Force EPG update on a single lineup using Sagex Plugin

First have to say thanks to stuckless for great plugin sagex....could not have done the following without.

//1.  Install SageTV Sagex Remote API Service Plugin
//2.  Copy contents to file called epg.js and save to sagex/services directory on the server
//3.  To force update on lineup http://sage:frey@

function ForceUpdate(Lineup_Name) {
	var GlobalAPI = Packages.sagex.api.Global;
	var DatabaseAPI = Packages.sagex.api.Database;
	var UtilityAPI = Packages.sagex.api.Utility;
	var ChannelAPI = Packages.sagex.api.ChannelAPI;
	var AllChannels = DatabaseAPI.GetChannelsOnLineup(Lineup_Name);
		return "Lineup Name Not Found";
		var Channel=UtilityAPI.GetElement(AllChannels,0);
		var ChannelNumbers = ChannelAPI.GetChannelNumbersForLineup(Channel, Lineup_Name);
		var ChannelNumber=UtilityAPI.GetElement(ChannelNumbers,0);
		var ChannelViewable=ChannelAPI.IsChannelViewableOnNumberOnLineup(Channel, ChannelNumber, Lineup_Name);
		ChannelAPI.SetChannelViewabilityForChannelNumberOnLineup(Channel, ChannelNumber, Lineup_Name, !ChannelViewable);
		ChannelAPI.SetChannelViewabilityForChannelNumberOnLineup(Channel, ChannelNumber, Lineup_Name, ChannelViewable);
		return "Lineup EPG Update Forced";
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