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Batch Metadata Tools This forums is for discussing the user-created Batch Metadata Tools for SageTV.

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Old 10-27-2010, 06:56 PM
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BMT 4.9 / Phoenix 2.3 - Bug Fixes

I've release a new version of BMT / Phoenix. If you upgrade the Metadata Tools Web UI, then it will force an update of phoenix as well.

Fixes include...
issue 21: Add property for movie trailer

issue 217: Some S##E## Searches are failing

issue 231: Moves view is broken

issue 232: Grouped Videos by Year is broken

issue 233: Search selection from the web ui is not working for TVDB

Whoever mentioned that Warehouse.13 was failing when being scanned from the web ui, then issue 217 fixes it.

I've also added a number of other batch operations...
1. Export .properties. This will export a .properties for video file in your collection. It will overwrite existing .properties. This basically provides a backup of your metadata.
2. Export SageTV thumbnail. This will create a .jpg for every video file in your collection. It will take the fanart poster, scale it, and write it as a default SageTV thumbnail that will show up in the default stv.
3. Fix Genres. This will rewrite ALL the genres so that genres that are currently, "Action and Adventure" or "Action/Adventure" becomes 2 genres, "Action" and "Adventure". It also rewrites the genres so that each media file has at most 2 genres. There is no UNDO, so be sure that you really want to do this, before you run this batch operation.

Batch Operations are available from the Tools menu, and if invoked from there, then they will apply the batch operation to ALL Video files. But, if you navigate a view and use the batch operations from the batch operations menu (not the tools menu), then that operation will be contrained to that folder AND it's child folders.
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Old 10-31-2010, 06:22 PM
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Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: London, Ontario, Canada
Posts: 9,713
BMT 4.9.1 - Channel Configuration

This is a minor release. I added a new Configuration section called "Channels". I added this because I recently set up recordings and I wanted a way, from the web ui, to enable/disable channels.

When you click on "Channels" it make take a few seconds, since it will load ALL channels. It will have a checkbox beside each channel, that you can toggle on or off.

You can also toggle channels by range (which is what I really wanted). ie, You can enter, '200-299, 500-550', and then click enable/disable. It will then enable/disable the channels for the given ranges. (can you enter a single range or you can enter multiple ranges separated by comma)

This are no bug fixes in this release. Just the Channel configuration.
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