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SageTV Beta Test Software Discussion related to BETA Releases of the SageTV application produced by SageTV. Questions, issues, problems, suggestions, etc. regarding SageTV Beta Releases should be posted here.

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Old 06-15-2011, 07:32 PM
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Talking SageTV V7.1.9 Release Candidate is Ready!

Howdy everyone!

Bug reports have slowed to a trickle and we have all the features for V7.1 in there; so it's time to push this to the Release Candidate stage.

From the last notes:

The new feature is "Security Profiles" and Permissions associated with those profiles. There's a new 'Security' API in the Studio as part of this. Any UI will now be running under a specific Profile. Profiles can be attached to placeshifter logins, media extender hardware IDs and PCs running SageTV, SageTVClient or SageTVPlaceshifter. Each profile then has the following set of Permissions which can be enabled or disabled:

WatchedTracking - tracking what is actually watched
RecordingSchedule - anything that affects the recording schedule such as Favorite, Manual Recording, Don't Like and explicity marking of Watched
Delete - deletion of content/files
SystemMessage - reset alert level and deleting/acting on system messages
EditMetadata - editing metadata from within the UI
Archive - arching/unarchiving recordings
Playlist - modifying/creating playlists, except for the Now Playing list
Conversion - creating/modifying video conversions
SaveOnlineVideo - saving online videos
UIConfiguration - modifying UI configuration settings w/in menus
Security - modifying permissions for profiles
GeneralSetup - accessing the 'Setup' areas of the UI
Filesystem - filesystem browsing in the UI
Studio - launching the Studio
LiveTV - viewing live TV
PictureRotation - rotating picture files

This list is intended to be complete in that if you remove all of these permissions from a profile, then a user under that profile would be able to do nothing negative at all to your system. (aside from using resources relating to playback, which may require transcoding)

NOTE: The Wiz.bin file with V7.1.8/9 is backwards compatible with V7.1.7. So it is safe to downgrade to V7.1.7/8 after installing V7.1.9 if you have issues with it.

NOTE: The STV has undergone some significant changes since V7.0 in order to make it compatible with the HD300 in standalone mode. All plugins that use STVIs should be tested to make sure they are still compatible. (some may be broken; but the majority will most likely work fine)

Changes of note in V7.1

-Support for Hauppauge Colossus
-Complete over the air analog & digital lineups for the entire US and Canada (all channels on Zap2it's site will now be included, and ATSC channels have their physical channel included already)
-Added ability to create Favorites for Sports Teams
-Added awards information for movies (i.e. Academy Award for Best Picture, and things like that)
-Major improvements to smooth FF/REW quality on HD media extenders
-True frame stepping support on the HD300 and support for seeking while paused
-Placeshifter auto-reconnect when connections are dropped
-Major improvements to latency issues in the placeshifter
-Channel logos provided by SageTV
-EPG data enhancements (season/epsiode numbers, improved detection of 'unique' airings, more than 2 levels of categories, additional flags for various Airing properties such as Live, Dolby5.1, Letterbox, etc.)
-Images related to many of the movies in the EPG
-WOL support for SageTVClient
-Security profiles with Permissions. A security profile can be set relative to a SageTV Client, SageTV Placeshifter user or media extender to restrict things like modifying the recording schedule, deleting files, tracking what was watched, etc. This is intended to be a complete set that allows creating profiles where the user would have no ability to negatively impact the "owner's" usage of SageTV. (mainly intended for house guests and children)

As always, report bugs you find here:

Here's the download links for V7.1.9:

SageTV for Windows

SageTVClient for Windows

SageTVPlaceshifter for Windows

SageTV for Windows Home Server

SageTV Media Center for Linux

SageTV Placeshifter for Linux

SageTV Media Center for Linux - Debian Package Installer

SageTV Placeshifter for Linux - Debian Package Installer

The release notes are below, ones of more interest are bolded.

SageTV V7.1.9 Release Candidate 6/15/2011

Core Updates
1. Add DC-II stream type support for QAM.

Windows Updates
1. Updates for better TrueHD support

STV Updates
1. Fixed issue where an active profile w/o GeneralSetup permission would result in a locked client UI if the config wiz hadn't yet been completed for that client.
2. Added option to edit the Title, Episode, and Description for imported videos. (Select video, choose Edit Video Information.)
3. Fixed issue where the playback screen displayed the imported video's episode name in the title area.
4. Video browser: For single column titles & category content view, display both the title & episode if they are different.
5. Video Browser: When available, display season & episode numbers in right-hand info area.
6. Hidden: malore options slide-out doubles some items on each row to make sure all options are visible.

SageTV V7.1.8 Beta 6/1/2011

Core Updates
1. Fixed bug where playback of downloaded files that required retrying of format detection didn't always work properly.
2. Changed storage of title/episode information for imported Video, Picture, DVD and BluRay content. The Show title field now holds the actual title (previously it held the relative path + title). The Show episode field will hold the episode name if specified; otherwise it will hold the same thing as the title field (for backwards compatability with STVs). Existing database information will be updated to follow these rules. (i.e. the episode name will be copied into the title if the title still has relative path information prefixing it)
3. Fixed bug when watching live TV and the next show on is recorded on a different tuner and has start padding we wouldn't start at the end of the old show and instead would start at the beginning of the start padding for playback.
4. Enhanced connection failover with EPG clients so that they failover to the secondary server not just when a connection failure occurs, but also when timeouts occur on initial requests.
5. Fixed bug where the 'Sync system clock with SageTV Server' setting didn't reflect the proper value in the UI when using the service w/ a local UI.
6. Fixed bug where deleting a single system message raised an internal exception
7. Fixed bug in SageTVTranscoder where it wouldn't always handle seeking properly in multi-program transport stream files or default audio stream selection (these are generated by some network encoders, specifically the CableCard one)
8. Fixed bug where modified metadata properties that were written out to an external .properties file by SageTV did not handle Unicode characters properly

Extender Updates
1. Added property "xcode/allow_multithreading_for_hdextender_placeshifting" which defaults to false. If set to true; it will allow usage of the multithreaded transcoding capability when doing placeshifting to HD media extenders. We had disabled this because it caused instability in our past testing for an undetermined reason...hopefully that reason has now disappeared, and that can be determined by experimentation with this property.
2. Lowered threshold for raw image decoding for MVP image caching since the one we had still was causing an OOM for some weird reason

Windows Updates
1. Removed dependencies on any JOGL related classes.
2. Skip checking PSI to reduce QAM channel tuning time by setting TYPE QAM-NAKE in frq file.
3. Add DTS-M/TrureHD support in ArcSoft audio decoder and LAV audio decoder.
4. Allow user to block a decoder by adding "DeclineDecoder=xxx;yyy;zzz" in registry.
5. Fix: HVR-1250 software encoder wrong hardcode CaptureMask.

Linux Updates
1. 3D acceleration is now enabled by default for the Linux placeshifter
2. Updated Linux placeshifter to use a newer version of JOGL

Studio/API Updates
1. Added new Security API for dealing with security profiles and permissions.
2. Added support for doing automatic argument conversion from Airing -> objects in the Studio API. (if the Airing has an associated MediaFile object)
3. When sending out the DenyChannelChange hook; send it to all the UIs that are viewing that channel rather than just the first one we find.
4. Fixed Configuration API calls SetAllowPlaceshifterLoginCaching and IsPlaceshifterLoginCachingAllowed to be server-based API calls.
5. Added Global API call SetVariableForUIComponent(UIComponent, VarName, VarValue) which allows setting of a variable abstractly (i.e. not using a hardcoded variable name)
6. Fixed bug where the Global API call SetFocusToUIComponent(UIComponent) returned true sometimes even if the target component was not focused after the call.

STV Updates
1. Added support for permission profiles to control features that are allowed to be accessed/used. Add & configure the permission profiles in the new Detailed Setup -> Permissions section.
2. Allow Placeshifter users to be assigned a permission profile in Detailed Setup -> Server -> Manage Placeshifter Users, select the user to edit.
3. Updated SecureLogin.xml to set permissions profile assigned to the Placeshifter username that is logging in.

4. Fixed YouTube HD bandwidth check during playback so that it gets performed if the first resolution URL finds a video to download and HD YouTube video resolutions are allowed.
5. Fixed relative path prefix & title fields for saved online video files.
6. Fixed filename sorting for the music, video, and photo folder views so that leading articles are able to be ignored.
7. Updated to use the title field as the title for imported videos & photos instead of the episode field. If the episode field is different than the title, then show it as part of the info for an imported video.
8. Added Detailed Setup -> Customize -> Require focus for mouse selection option to choose whether an item needs to have focus before it can be selected using a mouse or touchscreen.

SageTV V7.1.7 Beta 4/25/2011

Core Updates
1. Fixed bug where information on which files are being progressively deleted did not retain itself properly after deletion of one of the files in the queue was done. This only manifested itself as a problem if SageTV was restarted while the queue was in that state.
2. Fixed erroneous system message that can occur indicating a favorite failed to record if it was marked watched about the exact same time the recording starts.
3. Fixed erroneous system message that can occur indicating a partial favorite recording was done if the program was marked watched before the recording completed.
4. Fixed bug where sometimes the file size estimate for how much room a recording would take was low if it was coming from a digital TV source.
5. Fixed bug when watching live TV and a show comes on that requires the parental control code; if the code is entered incorrectly it just repeatedly prompts you for the code.
6. Fixed bug when watching live TV and the next show that should be viewed was recorded on a different tuner (there's corner cases where this could happen) it wouldn't automatically move to viewing the program from the other tuner.

Extender Updates
1. Regression fix for breaking smooth ff/rew on extenders. (rew didn't work properly and ff would end up using the wrong timestamps for the seek when it stopped)
2. Fixed bug where very large images (test case was a 100Megapixel image) in a slideshow could cause the server to run out of memory if used with a MediaMVP client due to the attempt to preload the image at its original size. Image now that exceed 10Megapixels will not be preloaded for the MediaMVP and will be loaded once their display resolution is determined (other media extenders do not have this issue because they have hardware image scaling so the image does not need to be loaded at a specific size).

Windows Updates
1. Ignore the value of the 'mmc/hdpvr_magic' property and instead read from the 'mmc/hdpvr_magic2' property with a new default value of false. This works around a Hauppauge driver bug that can cause audio loss on the Colossus device; it should also speed up channel changing a bit on the HDPVR.
2. Fix: the second Anysee tuner filter building failure.
3. Bug fix for HDHR in Australia
4. Fixed GUIDs for DTS and DTS-MA audio formats.

Linux Updates
1. Added property "linux/disable_auto_i2c_port_matching" which defaults to false. If set to true; then on Linux it won't try to automatically determine the proper I2C blaster port to use and will always rely on the one confgured by the user. (Sometimes devices will move around which makes a fixed port setting unreliable)
2. Fixed bug on Linux where our new code that automatically determined the right port to use for the Hauppauge IR blaster would sometimes fail to open the device.
3. Add circular buffer and capture thread to prevent overflow in capture device

STV Updates
1. Updated some text in top/right info areas so that it doesn't wrap to the next line if it shouldn't do so.
2. File Browser: fixed issue where changes were not reflected right away in the UI when a folder's import or recording dir settings were changed.
3. Music Browser: can sort Album view by album title or album artist; can sort Folder view by filename or file date.
4. Video Browser: can sort Folder view by filename or file date; can sort videos by title, title+date, date, or duration; can sort DVDs/BDs by title, title+date, or date.

SageTV V7.1.6 Beta 4/5/2011

Core Updates
1. Added support for specifying multiple timeslots for Favorites to match
2. Fixed issue where Favorites with a lot of Channel limits were displayed in a way where they weren't easily readable
3. When doing external process execution in a way where the caller is not getting stdout/stderr back as the return value; log all the stdout/stderr output if logging is enabled.
4. Fixed bug where converting a recording with multiple segments wouldn't put all the segments together under a single item.
5. Fixed bug where DVDs/BluRays that were on an import path that was offline at startup would get removed from the library (but then reimported again once that path came back online).
6. Added support for putting season & episode numbers into generated filenames for recordings. This is controlled by the property "use_season_episode_nums_in_filenames" which defaults to false. This is also exposed in Detailed Setup->Customize in the UI.
7. Fixed bug when SageTVClient restored a connection to a server that went offline; it would start playback of any media that was playing AFTER going to the last menu. This didn't always work properly since the OSD menu is configured to back out if media isn't already playing. It now resumes playback before going to the target menu.
8. When multiple text input widgets are used on a menu; don't show the cursor in them unless they have focus. For the case of a single textinput widget, the cursor is always shown.
9. When multiple text input widgets are visible in a menu; only route keyboard events to them if they actually have focus. When there's only a single one visible; route any non-consumed keyboard events to the singular text input (legacy behavior was it would route them to the first textinput even if there was more than one in the menu)
10. Fixed bug in SageTVClient where it would crash with a null error if configured to automatically connect to a server that is offline and its the first time its connected to that server since updating to V7.1.3+.

11. Added property "seeker/generate_thumbnail_when_recordings_complete" which defaults to true and will cause the thumbnail to be generated for a recording shortly after it finishes being recorded. This should help distribute the thumbnail generation load more evenly over time rather then having it all done when the recordings UI is entered.
12. When printing out multiple categories for a Show, put a space before and after the separating '/' instead of just after.
13. Fixed bug where adding a Show to the database that had null items in the 'expanded ratings' or 'misc/bonus' arrays would cause the database to not be saved properly (plugin issue).
14. Fixed bug when focus following the mouse was disabled and selecting a new item in a list didn't cause the transition listeners to be fired

Windows Updates
1. Fix: big NIT table crashing channel scan.
2. Fix: DVB-C using channels in NIT to aide channel scan.
3. Fixed "TV ONE[TVNZ]" New Zealand DVB-T audio problem, which has a conflict audio stream id on 2 audio tracks.
4. Added support for Anysee E7 and E30 series tuners
5. Fix: HDHomerun DVB-T frequency multiply 1000 issue.
6. Added support for DigitalNow Quad DVB-T

Extender Updates
1. Fixed bug where we didn't deal with the case of the PTS rolling over in a file happening after opened the file (such as in a live TV scenario) in extender playback.
2. Optimized initial opening of MPEG files with the extender so it doesn't try to align on an IFrame when first opening the file and starting from the beginning.
3. Fixed bug where in rare occassions when we fast forwarded in a file and got to the end, we would just loop around and continue fast forwarding again from the beginning of a file. This was an issue with positional estimation based off timestamp information.
4. Fixed bug with playback on extenders from sources that don't support seamless transitions where we'd jump to another menu at the end of playback of a show during 'live TV' viewing sometimes.
5. Fixed bug where PTS's that rolled over right at the beginning of a file could cause the initial time to be displayed as the file duration instead of zero.
6. When playing back content that has DVD-style subtitle; if those subtitles themselves have an HD resolution; then disable displaying them if using a media extender. The hardware in the extender is not capable of decoding DVD-style subtitles that have HD resolutions since this is non-standard; and doing so crashes the player in the hardware.

Plugin System Updates
1. Added new plugin events for SystemAlertLevelReset, SystemMessageRemoved (w/ a SystemMessage variable) and AllSystemMessagesRemoved
2. When upgrading a plugin that replaces existing image files; don't remove them from the cache when the old file is removed; do it after the new file is added.
3. Fixed regression bug where we'd disable all STVIs if the user loaded an STV that didn't support them (such as the one used for placeshifter login)

Studio/API Updates
1. Changed the 'crop to fill' property for image widgets so that it can be dynamically changed at any time with the result being instantly reflected in the UI.
2. Fixed bug with the MediaFile API call GenerateThumbnail() where it wouldn't generate thumbnails for the non-primary segment for multi-segment files. The method will now return false if the requested time is outside the bounds of a segment of the file.
3. Fixed bug with Utility API call GetFileSystemType where it wasn't tagged as a server-based API call.
4. Added 'AiringID' property to the following System Messages: Recording Missed Due to Conflict, Partial Recording Due to Conflict, Halt Detected in Recording, Recording Missed Due to Capture Device Failure, Capture Device Failure while Starting Recording

STV Updates
1. File browser: Added 'Create Folder' option to slide out options list when not in the file system selection view.
2. File Browser: added ability to delete folders. The option to delete files must be enabled and the folder must be empty. Use Delete command or Info on a folder. If deletion is allowed, user must confirm deletion.

3. Themed the properties controlling the core's default media type icons.
4. Added ability to select multiple days and/or hours when limiting a Favorite by timeslot.
5. Fixed issue where the "Return to Previous Menu" button text could get cut off in certain situations on menus where the content area was empty.
6. Remote UIs: during slideshow, don't pan image if its aspect ratio is close to the aspect ratio of the UI.
7. Browse by Category: display the date along with day & time for each airing on right side column. Also added for dialog used when selectig a future airing to record.
8. Fixed info area update when using Right from left pane of the By Day Recording Schedule and Browse by Category menus.
9. Fixed SageTV version upgrade check to use the 'version' property to determine the currently running version; previously it was checking the STV version number.
10. Changed category editing for imported videos to handle more than 2 categories and to save selected categories as slash separated list so that the core splits the list into all of its individual categories.
11. Added option: Detailed Setup -> Customize -> Include season and episode numbers in filenames
12. Fixed remaining issues associated with settings for focus not following mouse movement and requiring focus for mouse selection.
13. Added group options dialog if a day is selected in the recording schedule by day view.

SageTV V7.1.5 Beta 3/11/2011

Core Updates
1. Fixed bug where we broke insertion of the database records found during EPG data scanning due to bad category information
2. Fixed bug where correction of season/episode number information was done at a point in the database load that could cause problems if timed recordings existed in the database
3. Fix any null category information that was injected into the database due to a bug in V7.1.3
4. Fixed bug where we didn't pull the Category object for a Show from the proper database table.
5. Added repair operation to fix database files corrupted by pulling the category information from the wrong index (this will occur automatically on a corrupted file if loaded)
6. Fixed UI bug where internal table attributes were not always refreshed properly on the initial evaluation of a cached menu.

SageTV V7.1.4 Beta 3/10/2011

Core Updates
1. Fixed bug where the new season/episode number information in the database clobbered that same data if it was previously set by a plugin.
2. Modifications to better handle cases where MetaImage objects linked to files with relative paths were unloaded properly.
3. Fixed bug where we didn't handle null category information properly that could come from the AddShow API call or from EPG plugins.

Windows Updates
1. Added workaround for issue where Colossus would sometimes lose sound when recording with SageTV (does the same as if you set mmc/set_crossbar_redundantly in your file)
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