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Gemstone for v9 This forum is for discussing the user-created Gemstone custom interface for SageTV.

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Old 08-17-2019, 01:17 AM
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Some Gemstone Questions

Hey all...again.
Sorry for another post, but still needing some help. Seems as I get older my technological savvyness is getting lower.

Is there some kind of manaul or instructsions for Gemstone. I saw the FAQ, but that didn't help.

My issue: As I go through the menus I see options that I have no idea what they mean. Like, what's BG Fanart? There's some other options in the menus that I can't recall, but had no idea what they did. I tried enabling some, but many didn't seem to make a difference.

Another issue, Fanart and/or artwork in general for movies. At first I thought something was broken when I found the 'Flows' and no images for movies showed up. But this evening the images for most movies was working. There are some DVDs that don't work.

But what about home movies and/or those movies that fanart can't be found for whatever reason. I fount a post about it here:
Then I found this one:

I found an option to have the system check the movie folder first, I assume that if there was a jpg called 'folder.jpg' in the movie file structure that it would use that image as a default. But I sure like the fanart.

So, is there a way to take selected movie art work and move it to some folder so that Gemstone grabs it and uses it for the cover?

Also, how long does it take for Gemstone to populate the artwork. It seems to have found some, but not all movie artwork.

Lastly, I don't seem to have artwork showing up when I highlight TV, Video, Music, Photos, etc. How does that show up?

thanks again,
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