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Old 05-30-2009, 11:13 AM
tchapin tchapin is offline
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how to best get audio into my kitchen

My living room and kitchen are next to each other and I'd like to be able to hear the music in the kitchen w/o blasting anyone that happens to be in the living room. I'd like to be able to play the same audio in both rooms, but don't anticipate needing to play different audio in each, as they aren't closed off from each other.

In my living room, I've got an older, lower end Onkyo receiver. My primary media system is SageTV Media Center, which is great for single-point listening / viewing, but does not support multi-room synced playback. I've got network drops in each of my rooms (except the kitchen) and a wireless network. I don't currently have any apple gear (except a few iPods), but we're thinking about getting iPhones this summer.

Additionally, my wife would love something that supports Pandora.

Here are the options I'm considering (in no specific order):

1. Sonos
Expensive. Supposedly super easy to set up and use. Supports Pandora (and other internet radio-type services). Can be extended easily. Great iPhone app. Would need to purchase speakers for kitchen. Would I have to install additional software on my computer?
Estimated cost $950 (z120 + z90 + speakers).

2. Logitech
Cheaper. Mixed reviews on ease of setup. Supports Pandora (and other internet radio-type services). Can be easily extended. Would need to purchase speakers for kitchen. I'd have to install additional software on my server.
Estimated cost $400 (2 Receivers + speakers + iPhone app).
[Edit] I just saw that there are a few independently developed Squeezebox iPhone apps.

3. Apple Airport Express
More cheaperer. Supposedly easy to setup and use. Supports only iTunes w/o purchase of additional software (Rogue Amoeba AirFoil, which doesn't work with the iPhone iTunes remote app). Easily extended, but all zones can only play the same stream (w/o AirFoil). Would need to purchase speakers for kitchen. Would have to install iTunes on my server + perhaps AirFoil.
Estimated cost $300.

4. Sony Wireless Speaker (I had the old version, and it was really crappy. But it's been a few years, perhaps the quality has improved?) Cheap. Would support my current SageTV setup. Sound quality? For Pandora support, I'd need to purchase VAC and install a few bits and pieces.
Estimated cost $125.

5. Hard wiring speakers at this time, while my preferred method, isn't an option at the moment. Would need to purchase speakers for kitchen. Would need to hire a contractor? No additional software install required.
Estimated cost?

6. Some other thing that I'm not thinking of.

Any thoughts?



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