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Old 08-23-2010, 10:03 AM
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 6,257
SageMyMovies Announcement Thread

This thread will be used to announce updates to SageMyMovies

Discussion can be found here

Wiki be Found here

smm-api version 1.15 / stvi version 1.13

* USER REQUESTED ENHANCHEMENT: Add support to restrict access to Folders contents using properties per client basis. (google enhancement request:32)

see Restrictions Wiki for information on how to set this up on a per client basis on rating or folder structure.

* Note these setting effect every view/sort and method throughout the client

* USER REQUESTED ENHANCHEMENT: Added support to set sorting method for videos inside group views (Filter,Genre,Folders). (google enhancement request:30)

* Fixed issue where blank covers would show for movies not fully imported (now nothing shows)

* Fixed issue on drilldowns if there was more movies then space where focus was not set correctly (google code issue:29)

* Fixed issue on main menu where if you only had one item visible (ie List View) it did not default focus to that item. Now it defaults focus to the default view (hit favorite to change) so if you only have on item make sure and set it to the default view). (Googlecode Issue:28)

* Fixed issue on list view where boxed set and count was hard to read. (made it more visible text and moved it below rating stars). (Google Code Issue:27)

* Fixed issue where MM Folders and Defaults Folders where set by the same propeties and same name. Now MyMovies? folders is called MMFolders. (Google Code Issue:31)

* ENHANCHEMENT: Added option to "Round Corners" rounds all covers in the views. Default is ON. Do not use if you are using a coverstyle.

* Fixed issue in poster view where blank spots where being added to front and should not have been.

* USER REQUESTED ENHANCHEMENT: Added password lock option to folders. If you are restricting folders you need to set a password to lock it out out on the client the below property is for storing the password.

RestrictFoldersPassword?= Password can only contain numbers. (ie 597895)

Pressing Videos anywhere in the MyMovies? views will bring up action to unlock the protected folders. This will leave the folder unlocked until client is restarted or folders are relocked by hitting Videos again. (google enhancement request:33)

* Fixed issue where CoverProfiles were not keeping their transparency when scaled (mostly effected extenders). (Google Code Issue:35)

* Fixed issue where posters and backdrops where not being downloaded. (this was due to a null check I had for GUID that was not needed as if they haven't downloaded posters or backdrops yet guid would not exist.)

* Added Multi Disc support!! (this was a big undertaking but seems to work pretty well).

* Added popup dialog when import paths don't link up. (this displays the sage import paths as well as the current path it is trying to link up).

* Added new Basic View

* Added new Grey Steel theme to suit basic view

* Modified many images and settings for a much more cleaner overall look.

* USER REQUESTED ENHANCHEMENT: Change the menu option to take up the full left bar looks much better and legible on extenders now. . (google enhancement request:49)

* Fixed issue where if no filters where defined popout menu would get stuck (no no popoout shows if no filters exist). (Google issue #42 )

* Added support for phoenix and ortus Background Fanart use. (configured from the general smm-api configuration options).

* Changed the way the database file is written on updates. It is only written once now should elimate some database issues I was seeing in some logs.

* Changed the way GUID is written to files should elminate some null guids.

* Completely overrode/changed scaling code to accomadate scaling of Phoenix Backgrounds as well as now accomodates folder override scaling. So images if backdrops or posters exist in movie folder as override they are now scaled automatically as well.

* Added option for glass covers in any view in rounded or square.

* Completely changed all scaling and client cache code this has not been fully tested but seems to work in the test I have done

This version required modifing the Database File. So old database file will be automatically deleted and new file recreated on first load of new version. Datafile now has version on it so further changes can also auto delete and remake. I don't change the datafile very often and only had to do it in this case to modify some of the multi disc aspects of the datafile.
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Old 09-02-2010, 06:59 AM
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 6,257
New build STVi V1.14/api version 1.16

New build up on the site today. This build is mostly bug fixes and a couple of ui tweaks.


1. fixed issue on default folders not being able to disable it after enabled.

2. Google Issue 53: Multidisc sets cannot handle more than 6 discs fixed

3. Google Issue 50: User Restrictions Password Box Displays Passcode fixed

4. Fixed issue where filters where not working.

5.Google request #63: disable the imported videos access through recordings screen options button -fixed added option to main menu mymovies option to disable all imported video tabs should catch them all from tv/music and all screens to make them not an option. This is client dependent
6.Google Issue 62: Pressing 2x Back from multi disc selection, then go back into poster view enters directly multi selction menu --Back is not longer allowed in smm-ui popups to prevent this close or no must be pressed.
7.Google Issue 59: Inconsistent behavior returning to movie wall --Movie should always draw focus to same location now regardless of where you where last (not always the first movie in every view but should always be the same place now)
8. Google Issue 58: Quick jumping to a letter does not always take you where expected if no movies exist with that letter-Fixed will jump to next appropiate letter automatically if not exist.
9. Issue 54: Enhancement: Option to reset defaults -Added option to reset current view to view defaults as well as started a option to set view to extender "recomended" setttings for view. Both options are added at the bottom of custom.
10. Added some help text for some new items that didn't get it last build.
11.Google Issue 52: Enhancement: Enlarge fonts when viewing options-- Increased unselected 25% should make it easier to read on the extenders.
12.Issue 47: Enhancement: Option to remove title box and move it to the header at the top of the screen- Added option in Custom to hide title bar in coverflow and wall views. If this option is on then the movie info shows at the top bar and not the current videos on screen. Please not when on wall view if you are on the very top row the top bar is not visible this will be a limitation of this.
13. Did away with the autogrowth of the title bar on wall view I decided it was too much going on and a bit confusing. Size is now fixed and adjustable so it can take up as much or little space as you want.
14. Issue 60: MultiDisc issue- Dissc not always linked to correct Title & Issue 64: Multi-discs won't play if SageTV parental controls are enabled --This issues were related to me making a playlist for single disc by mistake. Issue should be resolved in the next build. (untested but should work).
15.Google REquest Issue 55: Title and disc number still viewable when in fade out view. Added option to completely fade out when in info/fadeout/or favorite view vs the default of leaving partially viewable.
16. Fixed Issue where glass covers didn't stick on movement of poster (info,fadeout etc)
17. Fixed issue sometimes causing views to not be set correctly - Per this thread post
18. Fixed issue on List view for show sort groups where white or grey theme where unreadable.
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Old 09-02-2010, 12:22 PM
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 6,257
Api version 1.17

This is a quick API version change to fix some scaling issues when the original file was damaged or corrupted. You will have to manually update the smm-api under general plugins if you already updated the ui of smm to version 1.14

change log

1- Fixed scaling of corrupted images to now just ignore that file and carry on.
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Old 09-02-2010, 02:35 PM
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 6,257
api 1.18

Third time is the charm right I had a bad zip on 1.17 so make sure you are running 1.18.


1. Fixed zip for implementation class
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Old 09-13-2010, 09:24 AM
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 6,257
New build api v 1.19 / stvi version 1.15

smm-api version 1.19 / stvi version 1.15


* Issue 71 : "Remove Titlebox" option does not work on wall view - Only affect none fullwall views. Fixed
* Fixed issue where black and white (grayscale fanart would cause an exception to be thrown and the smm-api would fail on startup. (for now black and white fanart will not be shown if scaling is on. You can replace it will a color fanart and that will work fine
* Added debugging property for Fanart downloads for people having issues with posters / background downloads (not on by default only turn on if I ask)
* Added a catch for failed internet connections now it will just log the fail and continue on instead of halting and causing api start failures.
* Request 80: Double Sided Discs - No way to play side B in SMM --Added it will now prompt to play like a multi disc and you can select which side you wish to play.
* Issue 69 : Title of multidisc sets become incorrect after 9 discs --Fixed
* Issue 68 : Disc cover doesn't disappear in multidisc fadeout view -Fixed cover now slides
* Fixed an issue where when internet connection wasn't validated it wouldn't throw an exception.This affected the api starting in many ways I know catch and move on/
* Issue 73 : Title in header bar gets stuck on wrong title -Fixed
* Fixed List view poster to match others with glass and rounded settings.
* Changed logging to default to Info now so logs will be allot smaller. It now respects the log4j properties file so all should be well there if you make any changes. This will require changes to this file for error reporting as I will need it set to trace.
* Added support for Playon Online Videos from Hulu/Netflix!! There is now a filter for each view in the viewfilters to show playon content. For this to work you must enable MyMovies? mode from the playon importer and must also use a folder/ import path sepearte from where your default movies are stored (the playon importer plugin defaults to this) and add that main movies folder to the mymovies monitored folders. You will then be able to use this filter.

See this thread
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Old 10-07-2010, 08:00 AM
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 6,257
New Build stvi V 1.16/ Api Version 1.20

This build requires MyMovies? Version 3.17 r3 or later!!!

Consider this version beta highly because of the multiple changes to the source code and database.


* Issue 74 : Cannot select movie in certain case if only one is available- Affected Basic view Fixed.
* Fixed Issue where basic view selected as a drilldown view would not work.
* Issue 90 : Wall View - right edge covers are cut off. -Fixed
* Added option to instantly update movies. This option is currently considered BETA!! It has been tested but not thourghly yet. It will currently add a new pop out on the main menu when new movies are ready to be added to mymovies. It does not add the movies until you enter SMM. Upon entering it will create a "temp" addition of new movies. This temp addition is kept in the local cache until the next rebuild of the SageMyMovies? Database by the default time setting. If you close a client or power off an extender the temporary cache is dumped so it may readd them on next load if the automatic scan hasn't ran yet. This is poorly trial right now but seems to work pretty well. Keep in mind when it is instantly adding the movies several factors have to happen

1. It must create the custom java object 2. It must import the movies into the sagedb since they will no exist yet 3. It must go online and download posters/backgrounds 4.It must scale the covers,posters and backgrounds In my testing it takes approx 10 seconds per movie addition which isn't to bad considering all it has to do.

This options give you instant access to new movies something sage doesn't currently do. It can be accessed from the Plugin configuration of smm-api under general.

* Added debug level option to smm-api configuration. A restart of the sagetv client/and or server is needed for this change to take place.
* Enhancment 89: Keyboard support - Now fully supports keyboards and better listeners overall.

It works exactly one letter on the keyboard it jumps to that letter (if it exist). You push a mutiple letters it jumps to the first tile that starts with that (there is a delay of 500ms or 1/2 second before it resets).

* Ehancement 86: Support for External Players -added

The external app addin by JREwiki must be installed you will see an option for it under the new play menu in the next build.

* Issue where sorting was not working on folders view per setting Forum Post - Issue fixed.
* Issue 91 : QuickFilters? has no results. -Fixed.
* Fixed issue where group views (folders,genres,filters) did not include playon material.
* Removed the RebuildDataFile? Option from SMM UI. This was being overused and misunderstood to fix erros that didn't exist and caused allot of errors. This option has moved to the smm-api Configuration options and now has a full way to monitor when it is finished and rebuilds in a more appropriate way. Can take time to run.
* Fixed issue where guide or stopping movie from sagetv sometimes caused a hang if you were showing the ui dialog Forum Post
* In quick filters made cover style match the setting for the current view (glass covers rounded etc)
* Fixed issue created by database changed in version 3.17 R3 of mymovies collection manager. This build or higher is required for this version of smm because of this change!!
* Enhancement 92: Hide videos in default SageTV Videos display when already shown in My Movies -Added new option to the main menu MyMovies? options to remove all mymovies videos from default views. This results in any video that is visible in SMM not being visible in the default interface. This will also allow me to expand in the future and add a non mymovies view to smm.
* Fixed issue where custom "Basic Views" wouldn not work when selected from main menu per this post
* Fixed issue where default Parental Controls did not work with multi disc or any of SMM. This issue is now fixed and you are now not required to use SMM parental restrictions for SMM.

* Fixed Caching issue with fanart-Affected any MyMovies client not getting new covers cached.

Last edited by PLUCKYHD; 10-07-2010 at 08:08 AM.
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Old 10-07-2010, 05:05 PM
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 6,257
Don't install 1.20/1.16

Posting this here for people that subscribe to this, apparently there is a bug in the new build I didn't catch please don't install this build...
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Old 10-08-2010, 07:34 AM
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 6,257
New build API V1.201/STVi version 1.1601

New build coming up the pike to fix the api starting issues in the previous build.

If you installed Build api 1.200 see this thread before updating


Change Log

1. Fixed Error on starting of api related to caching fixes the server UIContext.
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Old 10-09-2010, 01:26 PM
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 6,257
New build api 1.202 / stvi 1.1602

New build coming up should be up now hopefully will kill all issues previous two builds have had. Will need to rebuild the datafile once again (will do it automatically on installing)


1. Fixed issue where movies wouldn't play
2. Fixed issue where properties file where not reconized right
3. Fixed sorting issue for date added and collection number now works.

This also will fix allot of issues people where having it had to do with a change in the UIContext I wasn't passing all the way through my code.
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Old 10-09-2010, 01:48 PM
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 6,257
New build api 1.203/stvi 1.603

One more time

Change Log

1. Fixed issued in service mode

hopefully this does it thanks for the patience.
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Old 10-09-2010, 02:03 PM
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 6,257
New build api 1.204/stvi 1.604

Wow bad zip on the last one I shouldn't code on a saturday

Last try today if not go outside and enjoy the weather I am

change log

fixed service issue again.
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Old 10-23-2010, 02:17 PM
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 6,257
New build api 1.210/stvi 1.700

New Build there is still some pretty experimental stuff in there.

Requires the latest beta build of mymovies collection manger current 3.18 pre3

Change Log

* Fixed issue where Watched Filter didn't work- sql call error
* Fixed issue where setwatch/unwatched didn't work correctly- sql call error
* Changed database file one how it stores actors (database file is now approx 40% to 90% smaller resulting in better performance all around)
* Added Diamond Theme by JOrton (two themes one with highlight one without.)

Changes/adjustments for diamond theme
* Fixed issue where list view and sideways view were not the same height
* Fixed issue where location text was too small on list and sideways view
* Fixed issue where header and details background was set at 85% transparency instead of 100%
* Fixed issue where list view detail went to high past the smalle diamond themes image.

* Fixed issue where when paths didn't match the error dialog didn't popup correctly-sql call error
* Fixed issue on database rebuild where it didn't rebuild but just recached what was in database currently if nothing changed. This was affecting one user but could have been a huge issue for others as well.-Not reseting a variable when deleting the datafile on rebuild.-Issue 96: Only one movie showing up in SMM

* Fixed issue on downloaded of posters and backgrounds where I forgot a null check resulting in a timeout/dump of current process where it didn't finish.
* Fixed issue in poster view where when showing title names and glass covers the glass cover went over the title.
* Fixed nulls of getting properties on close of sagetv.
* Fixed nulls at load- Added a forked method and main unforked method to make sure properties are loaded before called on main menu.

* Added option to configuration of instant updates to only instantly update when new movies or found or full when any change of data is found

* Added Experimental popup of new movies on main menu (will change if more than one) this is 100% experimental at this time and may not function 100% correctly.

* Added unloading of fanart backgrounds immediately after focus is lost for better overall extender performance and to limit the java heap usage.

* Fixed Issue 94: Overlapping in Genres and MMFolders views - Only affecting view when not using icons this has been fixed.
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Old 11-05-2010, 11:52 AM
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 6,257
New build api 1.2200/ stvi 1.1800

Mostly a feature enhancement packed build with some other fixes.

Change Log

* Fixed issue on unloading of fanart (didn't originally fork it so it wouldn't slow things down)
* Fixed issue on sorting by certain things resulting in Null (Due to fact that I wasn't calling a keyset correctly)
* Enhancement Issue 98: Folders view - sorting issue & order of folders displayed - Fixed where folders are now sorting by the order they alphabetically
* Enhancement- Now folders can be edited without shutting down just simply edit and exit and reenter folders view.
* Enhancement - New dynamic Search screen is now active (you will need to add it back into the menu if you removed it. Please see the Search Wiki
* Enhancement- Dynamic Search now also possible in any view using numerical keypads or keyboards see the Search wiki.
* Enhancement-Scroll Bar Now available (option in Universal Options)
* Enhancement- Added option to keep boxed sets boxed in group views (Genre,filter,instant search,etc)
* Changed header icon size to better fit with Diamond Theme
* Fixed Image in Diamond Highlight Theme
* Added new horizontal view to Group views (ie genre,filter etc)
* Fixed a fanart issue when loading info or fade out with fanart off.

Big thanks to Jorton for providing the images needed for the search feature and helping designing the instant search view!!!!

Last edited by PLUCKYHD; 11-05-2010 at 12:00 PM.
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Old 01-21-2011, 12:31 PM
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 6,257
New API build 1.23

New build just uploaded. Nothing major but fixes too major issues.

1. Fixed issue where sagemymovies was importing .property files into the sage database. This only affected people who used SMM instant update feature and apologize greatly for this issue should be resolved now.

2. Fixed issue on rebuild datafile in the api configuration options didn't update the status when being rebuilt (no feedback). Now says scan or in process based on current status of rebuild.

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Old 03-11-2011, 01:58 PM
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 6,257
stvi 1.1900

This stvi build is just a patch to make it work better with diamond

Added option to completely remove videos/mymovies as well. So when combined with diamond you can also turn show videos off in diamond to just show mymovies stuff.

Sometimes mymovies gets put ontop of tv to fix this won't be easy but I will try soon.

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