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General Discussion General discussion about SageTV and related companies, products, and technologies.

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Old 07-10-2022, 07:34 AM
KeithAbbott KeithAbbott is online now
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Originally Posted by nyplayer View Post
Video by Lon siedman ....
Thanks for posting this. I am one of those Spectrum customers, although I don't think I've received one of their notifications yet. I feel like the last five years or so, we've been playing a game of Whac-A-Mole with the cable companies. If they wind up killing off my cable cards, I think my next choice will be to move to YouTube TV, and keep my SageTV setup for OTA and imported media. Of course, once the cable companies get most everyone moved over to streaming, they'll probably enact data caps...
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Old 07-10-2022, 03:16 PM
jpwegas jpwegas is offline
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Originally Posted by AlphaCrew View Post
Once Verizon drops CC, I think I'll be dropping Verizon and finally moving to one of these new fangled streaming services..
Same. Although I have heard nothing about them phasing them out in our area yet. Family is already using streaming more than Sage these days.

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Old 07-11-2022, 02:37 PM
AlphaCrew AlphaCrew is offline
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Originally Posted by jpwegas View Post
Same. Although I have heard nothing about them phasing them out in our area yet. Family is already using streaming more than Sage these days.

Yep, No word about them dropping it for us either (Maryland).

Although Verizon is different I think. I'm not sure they have the issue Lon mentions as they are already on Fiber. Should have plenty of room.
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Old 08-21-2022, 06:49 AM
Malfunction Malfunction is offline
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Originally Posted by Malfunction View Post
I'm not into sports so much, but I like to record stuff from the cable. If I could trick a Roku into changing the channel by a signal from SageTV, I could probably go full stream.
Come to think of it, ROKU works on the PC as well. SageTV would need some kind of helper app to take care of the tuning and start/stop.
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